Paint with Kevin Hill - Peaceful Mountain Lake


1 - Autor: KevinOilPainting
Category: Entertainment
Published: 2013-01-15

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[Luciana Caixeta Duarte] Demais, meu caro!!! Muito bom!
[PAT leon] nice work
[البلبل الحيران] في قمة الروعة والجماااااااااااااااااااااااااااااال
[Fernando Alves] muchas gracias por mostrarnos tus trabajo, muchas gracias otra vez desde España.
[rodrigo solis] is there already a wet white paint on it br0? nice execution.. very good :D
[Juan Navarro] you are so awesome! loved this simplicity and talent!
[Fernando Alves] maravilloso. Eres estupendo. Me encantan todos tus videos.
[KevinOilPainting] With paint thinner.
[jules g] Brilliant...I was thinking of gray highlights on mountains...I knew one day you would come up with it. I luv your paintings and landscapes and your scenes are wonderful...
2 - [MrGerrySt] Wow Kevin, I love your mountain. It has so much depth. I also like the blue spruce.
[dan whitt] im just starting oil painting never really painted watched bob ross thought hey im tryin that an im not to bad just cant make mountians an clodes dont know why they give me so many problems but they do any tips for a new guy
[Lion Heart] oil or acrylics??
[Rey art and music] Kevin were i can sell my art i have 4 canvas 18x20 landscapes but i don't have room for it do you know a place? thanks man
[xxbigkisses] this painting does give you a sense of peace.. serene ! always nice to watch your work. why havent these people who have watched your lesson click on the LIKE ? omg there is 88 views already. PEOPLE: SHOW THIS MAN HOW WORTHY HIS WORK IS BY CLICKING THE LIKE BUTTON !! got to be foolish not to click. its well worth it !!
[Duane Camphuysen] Thanks Kevin. Great painting. The mountains are excellent. Just what I wanted to see. I would love to have this painting on a dvd. Duane
[Rey art and music] very good Kevin!
[KevinOilPainting] This will work in acrylic. Some of the techniques will be a little different, but it should still turn out fine.
[Zeti Maia] Parabéns... cada vez mais eu gosto da sua técnica e do seu talento!!!
[KevinOilPainting] The mountains and clouds can be tough... my DVD for beginners will help with both mountains and clouds. It is for sale on my website.

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