Origami Creeper


1 - Autor: JeremyShaferOrigami
Category: Howto & Style
Published: 2013-06-28

In this video I teach my origami Minecraft Creeper Body and I also demo several Minecraft tools.
This model begins with a 3X1 rectangle. For the How to make a 3X1 rectangle tutorial, click here: http:/ / youtu.be/ clB29YM47OY

Helpful Tip: If you use 8 1/ 2-inch by 11-inch printer paper and you tape 4 sheets together (taping the long sides) you will end up with a 34-inch by 11-inch rectangle. But you need a 33-inch by 11-inch rectangle (3X1), so you'll need to cut off one inch from the length in order to get a 3X1 rectangle.

top Comments:
[Malcolm Lyon] I have made a ceramic creeper, a wooden creeper, but now I can add a PAPER one to my collection! Thank u!
[Ninja Cat CatMilk] Can I use printer paper?
[Malcolm Lyon] Earned a new subscriber!
[Jaime Atkin] I love minecraft make steve in diamond armor.
[naman raiyani] please make a flexiball tutorial
[Kenneth Kiang] This model is great, complex and detailed. Although it lacks a face, it looks almost like an exact replica of the one in-game. Don't listen to the haters, their comments are pretty much 0% constructive. They are those who have no patience and target their anger towards you, or don't appreciate the beauty of your design. This looks far better than the other creeper models people designed. Even though I folded this like a few months back, after re-watching this I'm still impressed by how this was folded. 6 enclosed boxes constructed from a single sheet of paper, using an innovative method other than the usual box pleating or having an obvious pattern of mountain and valley folds in a CP every time I fold some 'complex' model. At first glance, I thought this would be the result of modular origami. But damn, it used a SINGLE sheet of paper (although it's 3x1). This opens a new door to how I view origami and lets me remember how amazing and interesting origami is. Thanks for that. You're either a genius or extremely diligent, or perhaps both ^^
[N. Lugo] Best origami folder in the world!!!! 
[Jade Breitstein] Twiggy lel 
[Diana Hernandez] can you make steve 
2 - [Shiny Sylveon] How do people design origami? All of the complex models I see look as hard as hell.
[Oscar Campusano] I made it too my was so big that it didnt fit in my glass case😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
[Jonah Rirdan] you really worked me out! I was sitting here for like an hour!
[Mac Fontanilla] Make a ghast!!!!!!!! 
[Nevah Eckard] if you made me one id pay you $20 it looks cool but it would be a waste of time if I tried I mess up and not know it.
[Shiny Sylveon] How small will it be if it's made by printer paper? I want to make it but don't want 30 minutes of my life wasted. 
[Inventor 17] At 2:48, if you pause there, something clearly shows that you have a rip in your background. The question is, why is there a rip in the background????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????/
[goodskyrim] This was amazing I still can't believe I could make this it took me 8 try and I took it to school to show it off and my teacher crushed it and threw it in the garbage:(:(:(:(

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