Origami Bar Money Envelope


1 - Autor: thebigbluevan
Category: Howto & Style
Published: 2011-11-29

Make a great envelope for giving gifts of money, tickets or even hand-written letters!

top Comments:
[Cathii D] Just made this with a 4'x4' off cut. Worked brilliantly (fits a stick of chewing gum :). Easy to follow instructions. Thank-you :)
[Haru Gushken] Very creative! Thanks for sharing!
[thanh kim] Good
[Shaden Al Qahtani] جميل شكرا 
[Nadine Varlet] Parfait !! Thank you.
[oldHarmony] Good instructions! You sound tired or is that your normal voice? Sounds like the voice fry stuff young people do on purpose. If not, hope you get well soon, so your voice won't be so raspy. 
[Tyreek Charles] COOL BUT hard
[Abraham Gomez] i liked and sub this was a nice origami envelope product :D
2 - [Rolanda Pilgrim] Why can't pintrest be this descriptive on what to do? Why?
[Chyenne Price] I only have one qustion was that a real 2 dollar bill
[digupstuff] FANTASTIC TUTORIAL HERE!!! TFS luv! I subbed you! ♥ dig ♥
[Candy in Paris] This was so easy to make and is also convenient. Very nice job!
[Djordje Djoxi] Is it 8 halfx11 cm or inch?
[Turb0 Flat4] Thanks so much for this. Instructions were very clear and idiot proof. And I should know being quite the idiot in artistic matters.:) Anyway tried it with a piece of recycled gift wrapper and it came out perfect first time. You've helped me out big time for my office secret santa thing where I have to give vouchers to someone.
[vic luu] love your tutorial! very creative and easy to make ^^
[Eyanah Pollock] Thank you sooo much! This will be just perfect for my brother's 13th birthday! And it was so easy to make!!! :D 
[Krystal Dao] I made ALL the sizes! Very easy and thank you so much!

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