How to Make Four Thieves Soap {essential oil blend}


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Published: 2012-11-27

Week 45 of Soaping101 and we are creating a soap made with the four thieves oil blend.

Supplies: http:/ / 7Zwt4K

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[cin bober] Just woke up and voila! Great lesson as always! Thx
[soaping101] Guess we have to have faith :)
[soaping101] Thank you :)
[Suzy Whitten] I remembered the Four Thieves, but not the details of the story. So that's the technique I use the most - the 'Drop and Plop' - when all else fails. Now it has a name. :-D I think these cut bars look like a landscape with the green grass and brown valleys. I love Psy and Gangnam Style, so will look forward to next week. Thanks, Teach xx
[peepla7] I thought only fo's acellerated trace...didn't know that eo's could too. I would have to make this as a gift and not for self...the only ingredient I'm not allergic to was the eucalyptus and rosemary. The history lesson was you gonna not catch a thief based on assumation. Haha lazy police. Beautiful soap.
[MJ Younkins] love the colors!!!
[soaping101] Lye, or sodium hydroxide, is essential in cold process soapmaking
[Suzy Whitten], yeah !!
[Serafinalu] cant wait to try this, and I cant wait for next week! Thank you for these wonderful lessons.
2 - [Lisa Price] Boy, you aren't kidding about the accelerated trace! Had to use that 'plop' method, too - and it made a beautiful bar! Love it - thanks so much!
[popeye1283] Didn't you notice they all looked like Phil, probably distant relatives of his lol!! Luv, Rene x
[soaping101] Absolutely L!
[Miss Liza] Its highly recommended that no more than 5% of any essential oil or EO blend be used in any given application. Ive been researching this blend and I'm curious where did you get the percentages for each essential oil used? Love the video and I cant wait to try this.
[Suzy Whitten] Honing it on my barber's strop right now ! Off with their beards !!
[Wanda Arnette] Merry Christmas Teach! I have a question about molds. I notice how the different soapers line their molds and no matter now hard I try I can not line the wooden molds with either parchment/freezer paper I end up throwing it away and lining the wooden molds with garbage bag It works but the sides aren't as smooth and pretty as the others Do you have a suggestion also I am thinking about going with silicone for all my soaps do you know are all silicone equal in quality ie,crafters choice flexware.
[ExcelAndBeExcellent] Do you have to use lye or is there something more natural you can use?
[soaping101] You are such a faithful watcher :)
[soaping101] Thank you for watching!
[Suzy Whitten] I agree! I thought several of the bars looked like landscapes.

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