How To Make A Cameo Tutorial


1 - Autor: Jamie Estelle
Category: Howto & Style
Published: 2011-09-14

In this tutorial, I will be showing you how to make a cameo using a clay mold and resin clay. This is a step by step video.

In this video you will need:
Resin clay
clay mold
acrylic paint ( color of your choice)
baby powder
2 paint brushes (one for painting and another for the baby powder)
Paper towels


- Put some powder on your fingertips while pulling your clay out of the mold. The clay wont stick to your fingers.
- Use a fan style make up brush, to brush the powder down in to your mold.
- Use a tiny paint brush to paint your detailed work of your cameo.
- When your resin is completely dry, it should make a clicking sound when hit against the table.
- Failure to smooth the back of your cameo may result in cracking. Unless you like that look..then leave it =)
- Have FUN!!

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top Comments:
[Draconia90] what's the music in this video?
[iamcookiethief] what if you don't have a cameo mould?
[Carrie Baioni] What kind of powder did you use so that the clay wouldn't stick to the mold?
[Jamie Estelle] Great! Take a picture and post it on my Facebook, I would love to see! Have fun!
[AleOmalley] Thank you so much!
[cutecharms4ver] Great tutorial :D tfs subbed
[Jamie Estelle] @OanaOaniii Hi, thanks! On that cameo, I used acrylic red paint, a very small brush to paint the cameo with a steady hand. Once your paint dries, I used a wax metallic finish called Rub 'n Buff in antique white. Thanks for watching, please subscribe for more videos coming soon. =)
[xXDemonBunnyXx] Do you like stuff like sculpey clay or air dry clay like Fimo Light Air Dry Clay
[Irene Mendes] Thank you so much... Irene
2 - [Koufetina007] thank you!!
[Nicholas Chavez] Can I use any air-dry clay?
[VivisMagicWand] I love and appreciate your tutorial. The cameos are stunning. Where did you get all your supplies at? I want to make a bunch of them. You have a new fan. TFS... Vivi
[Jamie Estelle] Thank you! =)
[MiZzRiVeRa86] resin clay...hmm...never heard of it, I make jewelry out of polymer clay..never heard of resin, I make resin jewelry as well....just never heard of resin clay pretty cool!!Does it dry on it's own??
[Mrs. RockKitty] what is the difference between Polymer Clay and Resin clay? I'm doing a search and I don't know what to get. I'm new at this so I want something easy to work with
[Jamie Estelle] Yes, I like to work with all types of clay. =)
[Jamie Estelle] Yes, you can use air dry clay =)
[Jamie Estelle] @MiZzRiVeRa86 yes it takes 1-3 days to can use polymer clay with these molds. You can put these molds in the oven to! =)
[Jamie Estelle] Thanks , I'm glad you enjoyed it! Also follow us on Facebook for up coming event, tutorial, pictures, and more!

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