10 Minute Blocks & Quick Tricks


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Published: 2010-11-08

Suzanne McNeill demonstrates fast and easy quilting techniques, 10-Minute Blocks and Twist & Turn, from the floor of the Houston Quilt Festival 2010l

top Comments:
[Ronda Bergeron] Very disappointed. The instructions are so vague that it cannot be done to look like that. I have been sewing for over 50 years and I tried this several different ways and could not do it. Too bad. If the instructions were not so vague I would have bought both books 10 minuets and 5 minuets block. Makes me wonder about the instructions in the book!
[Ronda Bergeron] Wonderful!!!!!!! Keep them coming.
[Sharrel Caldwell] When are you coming to Michigan
[Deena Nolan] Beautiful... I am fixing to start my first ever quilt and I am so glad I came across your videos... You make it look so easy...
2 - [Merrill Bennington] OMG!! Hold the camera still!!!
[claudia lamascolo] very talented my dear you should do more of these video's love this one!
[Michele Cennamo] Love it and your spirit!! I hope I can do this one day!!
[Terry Ciraulo] Love these quilts but you don't really show how to do it, is that because we need to get the book? Like, how big are the squares, etc.
[Deniece Gore] I just love your smile I can see the passion you have in every pattern. I am a beginner and would love your books. My mind is going round and round thinking of how I can do them and cover my beds with all newly made quilts. I love to sew. Thank you for sharing. 
[adelmarie58] You are one the most congenial women I know. And you can help one going forward. Thank you very much.
[Natalie N. Patton] Блок за 10 минут, быстрый метод.

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