Origami Heart with Wings (Winged Heart ) by Francis Ow

heart2 500This Tutorial teaching how to make a Origami Heart with Wings (Winged Heart), (Designed by: Francis Ow)
Folder and Photo: @Origami_Kids (https://twitter.com/origami_kids)

Complexity: Easy. Time to fold 15 min. Folded from a one Square origami red and white paper, about 20 cm x 20 cm.
As you can see, the Paper Winged Heart is a beautiful piece of work. It’s really neat how the wings are folded like that and are able to protrude out to the sides the way they do. The Winged Heart is sure to amaze adults and kids and alike. It also makes a beautiful “post-it” note that is certain to brighten up someone’s day, but you’ll have to add your own adhesive. There are a couple of folds that require some maneuvering to accomplish, but they’re by no means intricate or difficult.

1 - Winged Origami heartAutor: Tavin’s Origami Instructions
Category: Howto & Style
Published: 2012-02-03

Origami heart: Instructions on how to fold an Origami heart. The winged heart design is by Francis Ow. Ideally for Valentine’s day or Mother’s day!
Difficulty: Low intermediate


[Uğur Ay] I don’t get the last part. U do it so fast
[ira tyagi] Good
[Jchica Mika] i watched the video then tried it exactly 45 times and all i got was the plain stupid hear next time please do the easy way o do it its cute but i want to actually do he wings 2 so please make an easy way
[LoveAngel484] I don’t understand the part with the wings /.\
[Sarah Angle] Too hard for me ….I tried it like 6 times and it wasn’t a heart but something. …can u do the easy tutorial plz 
[Riyoko Muroi] piece of cake how is it so hard
[Jenae McCoy] Can you use construction paper!!!!????
[Leah Katchur] HOW?!
[cj myth] Hi 
2 - Winged Origami heart[EnderBorn] doing this for mothers day
[Marcie Evans] Tavin Tavin Tavin All that accent you be havin’ Is like riboflavin to my soul That warms me when I’m cold With your pretty hands And tasteful dress shirts That appear to hide such a dessert They turn me into an absolute pervert You may be Irish or German or even French But it didn’t matter when we made love in a trench You said ‘very well’ when we got hitched But even so, our love is forever, b*tch *disclaimer: simply a joke
[PastelCat] I love how you always say ‘Very well’! It’s awesome I love your accent and this tutorial!!!!
[Yaren n] Awesome :) 
[parmila parsai] I got it…
[Rounak Krish] Owsom
[TheUxiegirl44] i messed the wings up, but it looks good XD but that was cuz i had hard paper and not legit origami paper

Winged Origami heart

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