How to fold the Origami Fiery Dragon


Origami fiery dragon instructions

. Here are the step-by-step video instructions for Kade Chan’s awesome Origami Fiery Dragon. Kade recommends using 30 by 30 cm (roughly 12 inches) paper for folding this dragon.
Remember that this is an ADVANCED origami dragon and takes considerable skill to fold. You might not be at that folding level as yet but carry on practising by going back to either the Easy Origami Section or the Intermediate Origami Section on this page. One day you’ll be able to fold something this cool.

How to fold Here!
Option 1. Video Tutorial.

Option 2. If you want an origami diagram for this dragon then do visit Kade’s own blog post on the Fiery Dragon where he offers a way to get the diagram in pdf format. Instructions, how to fold and Diagram: Click Here!

1 - How to fold Origami Fiery Dragon 摺紙噴火飛龍教學 (Kade Chan)Autor: Kade Chan
Category: Howto & Style
Published: 2012-10-24

Origami Fiery Dragon 摺紙噴火龍
Designed by : Kade Chan 2008`
Diagram download here :
http:/ / 2012/ 03/ fiery-dragon-instructions-videos.html


[leopardgalaxy 22] The fiery dragon is awsome because it’s not too hard and not too easy.
[Cloe Rousseau] peut-t-on faire avec du papier normaux 
[Til D.] too fast
[Chris Far] +Dblepwned LOL! The guy in this video is the ACTUALL creator of this origami. See how it only took him 24 mins to do it, even Jo gave him credit in his tuto vid.
[Chris Far] Don’t mind all these turds man, they just complain to get your attention and are probably to dumb to make this fine art.
[Klim Zakharov] Tadashi Mori make this in 35 minutes. Jo Nakashima in 48 minutes. But this tutorial is so FAST
[Nguyễn Long] it is too hard, so I give in
[Tyler Mora] Gotta love those ‘fingers got in the way/ this video sucks/ tadashi and jo made it better’ huh Kade god they’re annoying 
[政広金正] すごいですね もうちょっと頑張って下さいプテラとかティラノサウルスとか恐竜とか作るのしんどいですねでもめっちゃすごかったですよ 
2 - How to fold Origami Fiery Dragon 摺紙噴火飛龍教學 (Kade Chan)[Chris Far] For this idiots bellow that thinks Tadashi Mori and Jo Nakashima were the creators of this origami. The guy in this video is the actual creator, only took him 24 mins to do so.
[يزن الحربي] يهب يا وجهه 
[Daan de lange] HAHAHAHA your model but JoNakashima has over 4 times MORE views!!
[Origami S.K.] it was easy for me!
[김병태] 좀 간지인듯…….
[Ly K] Fast and Easter than i thought! 
[Dblepwned] if this is confusing Jo Nakashima’s video is much slower and easier to understand, plus he includes the actual instructions. I finished my dragon with his video.
[rasa mohamed nsardeen rasa] super origami i like this ….
[쓰래기방울쓰] 정말 멋져요
[Lovin Tube] The instructions of this tutorial are really bad…

How to fold Origami Fiery Dragon 摺紙噴火飛龍教學 (Kade Chan)

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