Apr 25

Why Airplanes Crash?


In addition to understanding the forces that affect flight, it is helpful to know some of the properties good airplanes share.Most important is the property we call STABILITY, which helps an airplane return to steady flight after a bad throw … Continue reading

Apr 07

History Of Paper Airplanes


It was during WWII that materials were in short for toys. The materials that were available had restricted use. These restrictions ruled out metal toys, thus all that was available was paper and wood.This led to airplanes as well as … Continue reading

Mar 14

Fearless Outdoor Flying

Fearless Outdoor Flying

The biggest difference between indoor and outdoor flying is the weather. Obviously rain and darkness are enemies of the outdoor paper airplane pilot. But wind can be a good friend. It can carry your plane a long distance and keep … Continue reading

Feb 02

What Makes Your Paper Plane Fly?


If you imagine all of the technology that goes into making one of the big jetliners fly, you can apply much of that same knowledge to making your next paper airplane soar through the air.Whether it is a Boeing 747 … Continue reading