Apr 14

Make A Simple Wind Tunnel


The following information is provided courtesy of the “Take Off!” project at the Massachusetts Corporation for Educational Telecommunications. The text and images were adapted for the web from the FAA publication “Aviation Science Activities for Elementary Grades” by MCET. (Elementary … Continue reading

Mar 13

Paper Airplane Experiment

paper airplane test

Paper Airplane Experiment The paper airplane experiment, as well as being great fun, is a chance for us to study something called ‘The Laws of Aerodynamics’. by Martyn Shuttleworth (2008)   When you throw a flimsy paper dart across a room, you … Continue reading

Nov 28

Folding And Flying Your Planes

Folding And Flying Your Planes

Folding And Flying Your Planes Almost anyone can make paper airplanes, but it helps to know a little about how best to fold them and how to make them fly the way you want. The following guidelines will help you … Continue reading

Oct 15

Paper Airplane Experiment II


Paper Airplane Experiment II AUTHOR: Steve McCombs, Ft. Greely School, Delta Junction, AK GRADE LEVEL/SUBJECT: (2-6) OVERVIEW: Most elementary students do not have a good grasp of the scientific method or how to set-up an experiment, collect data, test a … Continue reading

Jul 20

A Paper Plane Ready To Glide

A paper plane ready to glide

A Paper Plane Ready To Glide A paper airplane falls down due to gravity and glides forward through the air at the same time. We’ll measure the glide ratio the ratio of the distance glided to the distance fallen. Material … Continue reading