Origami Cat (Gato) by Anibal Voyer (Updated)

Origami Cat (Gato) by Anibal Voyer

Origami Cat (Gato) by Anibal Voyer
Designer: Anibal Voyer
Folder and Photo: @Origami_Kids
Complexity: Intermediate. Time to fold 30 min. 40 steps. Folded from a one classic Single Uncut square origami white paper, about 25 cm x 25 cm.
Diagrams in BOS Convention 1999 Spring Pages 51-53.
How to fold Here!
Option 1. Recommended by @origami_kids

Option 2 You can Download the diagrams which the Asociacion Española de Papiroflexia has generously shared with everyone. Diagram Here!

Option 3 Watch the Video!
Video Tutorial Part 01
Duchess and the Voyer Cat

Video Tutorial

1 - #76 Origami GATO cat - Yakomoga Origami tutorialAutor: Yakomoga Origami
Category: Howto & Style
Published: 2014-08-05

как сделать из бумаги оригами кошка по схеме by J. Anibal Voyer
how to make origami paper cat scheme by J. Anibal Voyer
wie man Origami-Papier Katze Schema von J. Anibal Voyer machen
como fazer esquema de papel origami gato por J. Aníbal Voyer
comment faire régime papier origami de chat par J. Anibal Voyer
cómo hacer esquema de papel del origami gato por J. Aníbal Voyer
come fare regime di carta origami cat da J. Anibal Voyer
J. 아니 발 Voyer으로 종이 접기 종이 고양이 구조를 만드는 방법
I respect the copyrights of the model, taken by me on this if you are the author of this model and want me to delete the video, please write about it to my mail yakomogaorigami777gmail.com
Regards Roman.
Размеры листа – 21*21 см
Sheet size – 21*21 cm
Good Starts
Jingle Punks – YouTube Audio Library


[Origami How To] Such a cute model! Great job on teaching it! :D 
[Лена Рыжкова] Thank U
[cherryberry11] He is copying Jo’s music :-X but i like it :-!
[Ninja Cat CatMilk] Yah! Cat! But its too hard, I’m going to use the other one. ^^
[Edward Bracey] Brilliant tutorial, thank you!
[Calibrate141] Twenty Five minute video. I’ve watched it for three hours. Thank you pause button. 
[Christelle Roderick] Great origami! Great tutorial! ^^
[lolduderlly] I got it on the first try, but could you please slow down, I’d stop to fold at some points and look back up to you having completed three steps
[kitty Nguyen] i also agree with nicole guanaera too
2 - #76 Origami GATO cat - Yakomoga Origami tutorial[Óscar Solano] It is very cool what you do, but maybe this will make it easier to see the folds you’re doing: after every fold, put the paper piece back on the table. From 5:40 to 5:50 it’s really difficult to see what you did, but I eventually gave up because I couldn’t understand it as most folding was done on air (I felt like 3 steps were done at once).
[xxsakura96xx] Like most of the other commenters I found it pretty hard to follow, especially when it comes to forming the head, so i looked for a pdf tutorial with drawn instructions… they’re hell. I thank you for making this tutorial and really appreciate your work. If i had tried the pdf first, I would’ve given up after a few steps.
[Nicole Guarnera] You suck at teaching…looks like your an origami magician. Mind if you stop spinning the paper all around throughout the video? I can’t follow what your doing if I constantly have to figure out what position the paper is in. Just looks like your fat fingers are waving around and voila! Origami…
[JM's Origami Tutorials] Love it!
[Esther Smith] The video worked well. Full screen and with plenty of clicks on the pause button.
[Eugene Molo] С первого раза у меня не получилось, пришлось посидеть ещё часик и пересматривать видео, но в итоге у меня всё получилось ! Большое спасибо ! (>`.`)>
[Christina Do] A bit too bright there..
[Alyssa Falling Into Insanity] The fuck did you do with the pencil? I can’t see what you typed!
[Abir Sultana] Owao 
[Bogumił Wrycz-Rekowski] First :) 

#76 Origami GATO cat - Yakomoga Origami tutorial

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