3D Origami Hello Kitty

3D Origami Hello Kitty

If you want to grow patient try this Origami Hello Kitty 3D. It takes a while, but it is really worthy. One of the cutest 3D creations of Hello Kitty.
I folded this model several months ago as a gift for a friend. Good luck and I hope you enjoy the folding with this long but fun task!!!!
Folder and Photo: @Origami_Kids
Diagrams Hello Kitty – Origami 3D – Japanese magazine.

Option 01: Video Tutorial

1 - 3D Origami Hello Kitty TutorialAutor: DailySusan
Category: Howto & Style
Published: 2011-12-08

Hey origami fans! I know there are a many versions out there, but this is just the “original” size and way to make it. I did use glue to get the right amount of volume. With that said, I hope you enjoy this tutorial!

https:/ / docs.google.com/ open?id=0BzQB581VDxsCYTJhYWNjM2QtNjhlYi00NjgyLThhZTktODNlM2NiZDc0ZDEy


[Yuniatun Dwi Nurriskah] fernandaaaaa
[Maribel Lopez] **cause **and thank you for the viedo
[Vilius Silkauskas] Allright i have just finished it,it looks very very very nice! I will finish glueing the details on it and if i will find my photo camera i will take a picture of it!
[John lee] what’s the measurement for each piece ?
[Vinh Pham] hey, i was tying to make the same thing, however i dont know wat paper to use.
[leex7771] how many pieces of white one do u need in the base?
[SweetiePie] cool
[Maribel Lopez] hi i love the hello kitty but if you could do it slower that would be great vaysr some of my pieces dont connect how they should
2 - 3D Origami Hello Kitty Tutorial[DailySusan] @shimmer2583 Yes, I sent you a message in your inbox. Perhaps you never got it? :P You can send it to my email ibeautylovely@yahoo.com! Thank you for sharing with me!

3D Origami Hello Kitty Tutorial

Option 02: Diagram

Hello Kitty Origami 3D  01


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