Apr 09

Origami Cat by Tetsuya Gotani


Designer: Tetsuya Gotani Photographer & Folder: OrigamiKids Complexity Easy. Time to fold 30 min. 34 steps. Paper: Single Uncut square origami black and white paper, about 22 cm x 22 cm. Diagrams on pages Folding Instruction at the end of … Continue reading

Apr 05

Origami Cats Video Gallery


This first video shows some of the models that I have folded. Specifically Origami Cats models, which are some of my favorites. I hope you enjoy it! Origami Cats Video Gallery

Apr 05

BoatBox by Rachel Katz


BoatBox by Rachel Katz Folder and Photo: @Origami_Kids Difficulty level: Intermediate Time to fold 45 min. 22 steps. Folded from a one classic Blue and White Single Uncut square origami paper, about 25cm x 25 cm. Start colored side up … Continue reading

Apr 05

Entre pliegues por Vanessa Gould


Entre pliegues, Betwen the Folds, pero en Español. “Entre pliegues”, el premiado documental de Green Fuse Films, reciente ganador del premio Peabody, narra las historias de diez talentosos artistas, matemáticos teóricos y científicos de renombre que decidieron abandonar sus carreras … Continue reading