How To Fold An Origami Cardinal


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1 - How To Fold An Origami Cardinal
How To Fold An Origami Cardinal
Autor: Leyla Torres
Category: Howto & Style
Published: 2011-12-18

How To Fold An Origami Cardinal. Origami tutorial and video instruction on how to fold a red origami cardinal.

• Red Origami Cardinal. Video tutorial on how to fold a Red Origami Cardinal.
• For more ideas visit blog posts at Origami Spirit: http:/ / www.origamispirit.com/ ?p=6488

Origami tutorial y video instructivo sobre cómo doblar un origami rojo cardenal.

• Origami rojo cardenal. Video con el paso a paso para plegar n origami rojo cardenal.
• Para más ideas visita la entrada del blog en Origami Spirit: http:/ / www.origamispirit.com/ ?p=6505

This How to make an Origami How To Fold An Origami Cardinal Model was made on 2011-12-18 by Leyla Torres. In this section you will find a Video Tutorial published on YouTube, about how to fold an origami model or the step by step instructions to make it. I hope you found the instructions clear and I hope you enjoy folding It.



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Gustavo brollo [1-Feb-2015]
No se entiende nada la parte de la cabesa?
Adrian tee [1-Feb-2015]
Good!! thank you!!??
Shirley xu [1-Feb-2015]
Way too fast!!!?
An tran quoc [1-Feb-2015]
You can fold car okay ??
269ashleymustain [1-Feb-2015]
Your too fast
Neverfakethefunk [1-Feb-2015]
Nice-looking model! i want to make these for wedding decorations, but i don't know where to find red/black paper that large. if anyone can enlighten me i would be grateful.
Mr. red bird [1-Feb-2015]
Can you remake this video going into more detail on how to do certain things. sometimes you just say 'shape the head' and then that's it. going a little slower would help also.
Leyla torres [1-Feb-2015]
@ herrrotevogel thank you for your feedback. for the moment i suggest you stop the video at those places where it's challenging. i'll see if i can do this tutorial again!
Antonietta hey [1-Feb-2015]
Hi ... you are very good ;)? (speak italian )? you can make this origami : sitting crane of channel : ireneblchua ( sitting crane creator: kazukuni endo)
Irwin yancor [1-Feb-2015]
Mypartyland [1-Feb-2015]
Tacos830 [1-Feb-2015]
Way too fast, slow it down because nobody can fold that fast
Leyla torres [1-Feb-2015]
Indeed this cardinal has a lovely folding sequence and it is a pleasure to make it. and now with the holiday season coming up, it could make for a great little diy present.
Leyla torres [1-Feb-2015]
Congratulations for making? this origami cardinal!
Assassinfournolan [1-Feb-2015]
??????? ?? [1-Feb-2015]
?? ??????, ???????)
Francis boyer-madrieres [1-Feb-2015]
Thank you very much for this nice origami. i enjoyed very much to fold it. kind regards xxx. francis
Neverfakethefunk [1-Feb-2015]
Thank you!
Ian mcrobbie [1-Feb-2015]
This has got to be one of the best models to teach intermediate folders. all the trickier folds are large and have well-defined guidelines/references.
Tuaha fardin [1-Feb-2015]
I love it i love it i love it !!!! a nice tutorial and i managed it in my first go i hope u still carry on doing these wonderful vids :d
Assassinfournolan [1-Feb-2015]
Leyla torres [1-Feb-2015]
Congratulations for making this origami cardinal, francis. it makes me very happy when people tell me that they are able to follow my videos.
Leyla torres [1-Feb-2015]
Search in the origami usa online shop. origamiusa[dot]org
Blazer eureka [1-Feb-2015]
Awww, it's so cute!!

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