3D Origami Penguin


Origami Bird - How to Make the Origami Penguin 1

1 - 3D Origami Penguin
3D Origami Penguin
Autor: ywt1818YT
Category: Howto & Style
Published: 2011-02-15

2 - 3D Origami Penguin3D Origami Penguin. Hand made using folded rectangular paper.

3 - 3D Origami PenguinThis How to make an Origami 3D Origami Penguin Model was made on 2011-02-15 by ywt1818YT. In this section you will find a Video Tutorial published on YouTube, about how to fold an origami model or the step by step instructions to make it. I hope you found the instructions clear and I hope you enjoy folding It.



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Megacrystal42 [20-Apr-2014]
So cute!!!!!
Missmismagius [19-Apr-2014]
Just wondering what the number of units the base are made out of? so i can attempt it myself:)
Fluffy288 [19-Apr-2014]
Where do you get black paper?
Alisha1283272 [19-Apr-2014]
This freakin sucks
Nicholai40 [19-Apr-2014]
Ywt1818yt [18-Apr-2014]
Takes ages to video because of using glue.
Ywt1818yt [18-Apr-2014]
The best thing is to use glue.
S y [18-Apr-2014]
I have make this too its really cute
Conor brown [17-Apr-2014]
Sinead fay [17-Apr-2014]
Super adorable!
Kasper vaus [17-Apr-2014]
@darksymphonica /watch?v=io9atzxoxn8'feature=relmfu
Chippersb [17-Apr-2014]
Wow now thats cool
Isabelle cool [16-Apr-2014]
Wow very nice jewellia
Myandsa [16-Apr-2014]
This is really lovely. do you have the instruction for it?
Moxy442 [16-Apr-2014]
Your showing us but not teaching us??
Han tang [16-Apr-2014]
Do you increase for the head?
Mon-se gutie [15-Apr-2014]
Me suscrivo si das instrucciones
626radiodsny [15-Apr-2014]
This thing is an amazing peace of art i just started three days ago and i think i am pretty good!!!!!!!! i have made 3 angry birds with a base of 24 but this is even cooler!!!!!!!
Elizabeth lopez [15-Apr-2014]
Where did you get the instructions to make it cause i would love to make it it's super adorable
Han tang [14-Apr-2014]
I have only just successfully made it, and i do agree with the person who made this, that it would be hard to make a tutorial and it would be very time consuming, just figure out that the base is 24 then you can work out the rest :d
Darshan2670 [14-Apr-2014]
It looks angry
Sweetiesmiley23 [14-Apr-2014]
Can you please make a tutorial video? your penguin is the best one i have found here and it would be grately appreciated. thank you :)
Hollie a. [14-Apr-2014]
I think you should fix the top, but very cute :d
George powell [13-Apr-2014]
In 3d origami you leave the top open

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