3D Origami Mini Peacock Tutorial


Origami Bird - How to Make the Origami Peacock 2

1 - 3D Origami Mini Peacock Tutorial
3D Origami Mini Peacock Tutorial
Autor: 3dorigamivideos
Category: Howto & Style
Published: 2012-08-15

2 - 3D Origami Mini Peacock Tutorial3D Origami Mini Peacock Tutorial. For how to make the pieces CLICK the link in the beginning or find the tutorial on my channel
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3 - 3D Origami Mini Peacock TutorialThis How to make an Origami 3D Origami Mini Peacock Tutorial Model was made on 2012-08-15 by 3dorigamivideos. In this section you will find a Video Tutorial published on YouTube, about how to fold an origami model or the step by step instructions to make it. I hope you found the instructions clear and I hope you enjoy folding It.



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Elisha mcallister [30-Jul-2014]
If it falls apart put glue in the pockets?
Aefse sefseds [29-Jul-2014]
A swan did?
Jess ng [29-Jul-2014]
Looks like you copied ginerlis's.?
Rishi g [29-Jul-2014]
How many peices????
Alex maxime [29-Jul-2014]
Mine keeps falling apart?
Dbst gra w gry [28-Jul-2014]
I don't have that large hole in the base help (pm please) (what type of paper?)?
Katherine sai [28-Jul-2014]
I ran out of pieces.?
Aleksander pawletta [28-Jul-2014]
320 pieces / 27 yellow / 73 green / 220 white?
Ahmad alwawi [27-Jul-2014]
You should tell us how many pieces of each color you need to make the 3d figure?
Agoutom [27-Jul-2014]
Hey hey! i cant get enuf of paper art! have you thought about - jabking paper craft magic (should be on google have a look)? ive heard some interesting things about it and my m8 made some amazing items after using it. ?
Feirynrune [27-Jul-2014]
How many pieces are used in each row, for the base?
Katzemy [27-Jul-2014]
You can try... but i will be a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiig peacock. the rectangles are just 1/32 of an a4.
Thebabystrong [26-Jul-2014]
25 yellow,73 green, 220 white hope this helped
Thebabystrong [26-Jul-2014]
You welcome :)
Stan wiekstra [26-Jul-2014]
Ho many ipsec
Mike foyster [26-Jul-2014]
Holy fuck i did it took me a year but i did it!!!
Michele groth [25-Jul-2014]
Hallo du machst das echt klasse :) hab da eine frage wie viele spitzen machst du pro farbe und ist das ganz normales drucker papier oder ist das ein bestimmtes ?????
Nathan omprasadham [25-Jul-2014]
Lol at the biggining it says 'make 16 paris'
Rafaela cerlat [25-Jul-2014]
- how many pieces should be?
Eric rice [24-Jul-2014]
Do you have a printout?
Brianna castillo [24-Jul-2014]
Can somebody plz tell me the pieces i really want to do tut
Emily studholme [24-Jul-2014]
Yeah but then what about the pieces ontop and the other colours?
Rodrigokbzas [24-Jul-2014]
Pieces white 215 green 75 peach yellow ... 28
Nico heß [23-Jul-2014]
I know, but as i said, you need to double the ammount of pieces or it wont look good ( at least mine did not look good)... but im gona make one with double ammount of pieces and see where it will lead to ;)

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