Origami Collection: The Beggining


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1 - Origami Collection: The Beggining
Origami Collection: The Beggining
Autor: GhinitaRusu
Category: Howto & Style
Published: 2010-04-05

Origami Collection: The Beggining. My first 3d origami pieces

This How to make an Origami Origami Collection: The Beggining Model was made on 2010-04-05 by GhinitaRusu. In this section you will find a Video Tutorial published on YouTube, about how to fold an origami model or the step by step instructions to make it. I hope you found the instructions clear and I hope you enjoy folding It.



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Sinezia conceição [29-Jan-2015]
q lindo amei seu trabalho?
??????? ??????????? [28-Jan-2015]
? ??????-???????
Inesmaria garizao perez [28-Jan-2015]
Todo muy hermoso ,hermosisimo.?
Krystyna lemska [28-Jan-2015]
Ale to pi?kne...cudowne prace...nutka urocza...cieplutko pozdrawiam...?
Susana lozano [28-Jan-2015]
Hermosas cosas.un beso. ?
Grace maurine [27-Jan-2015]
Please i want to download the video how can i and also the measurements of the paper?
Jose armando huanca vargas [27-Jan-2015]
Estan buenisimos gracias por enseñarnos a saber mas?
??????? ?????? [27-Jan-2015]
Ube.com/feeds/api/videos/tr0dzt-byhi/comments/z13tijjpaormihe2r22fg5rpxpiwcpq54042014-05-04t18:44:05.000z2014-05-04t18:44:05.000z??????? ??????http://gdata.youtube.com/feeds/api/users/je3rhtpbkebfj_5rlwscdqucje3rhtpbkebfj_5rlwscdq1119306398267619155051tr0dzt-byhi
Arinelaful ful [26-Jan-2015]
???? ???????? [26-Jan-2015]
Narias7811 [26-Jan-2015]
Marysia miszewska [26-Jan-2015]
Ube.com/feeds/api/videos/tr0dzt-byhi/comments/z13uz3tjdo2myf2ft23ytrro4zvrdrfjy042014-12-11t13:23:16.000z2014-12-11t13:23:16.000zmarysia miszewskahttp://gdata.youtube.com/feeds/api/users/um4bbt4iocgvnclzlgbf2wucum4bbt4iocgvnclzlgbf2w1143739678077597983700tr0dzt-byhi
Xs0phiax1 [25-Jan-2015]
Sweet. jesus.
Qboid1 [25-Jan-2015]
Love the music :)
Salsatangocracow [25-Jan-2015]
Daggerdaster [25-Jan-2015]
Dialan barón [24-Jan-2015]
How many pieces of sheet have you used? i like your 'structures' it matters if i upload your video to my blog( dialananimacion.blogspot.com.es)
Kara seong [24-Jan-2015]
I am from romania me too and i am making origami for several years. of course i'm not at beginning , even i have tried to sell some origami but here in our country i have to recognize that this art isn't so known. if you want to see my collection of origami visit my facebook's profile : bya purtan.
Hye bin kim [24-Jan-2015]
Nesyu beats [23-Jan-2015]
Saha sardina rek chaya3
Maria janampa [23-Jan-2015]
Que lindo las manualidades para poder ocupar las mentes en cosas buenas y no pasar el tiempo en preocuparnos en los demas
Crafty ashley [23-Jan-2015]
Wow they are do cool.
Gil beilschmidt [23-Jan-2015]
Him: i like to do all my stuff outside! *starts raining* ffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!! nelson: ha ha!
Mskiri2011 [22-Jan-2015]
I like the red one =) 3:00

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