3D Origami: Swan Loveboat Part 3 waI


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1 - 3D Origami: Swan Loveboat Part 3 waI
3D Origami: Swan Loveboat Part 3 waI
Autor: jewellia7777
Category: Howto & Style
Published: 2011-12-06

3D Origami: Swan Loveboat Part 3 waI. diagram: http:/ / www.flickr.com/ photos/ jewellia7777/ 6413741379

How to make an Origami 3D Origami: Swan Loveboat Part 3 waI Model was made on 2011-12-06 by jewellia7777. In this section you will find a Video Tutorial published on YouTube, about how to fold an origami model or the step by step instructions to make it. I hope you found the instructions clear and I hope you enjoy folding It.



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Beautbyzoeyyy [21-Apr-2015]
I love doing this thank you!!^^
Pamela wilson [20-Apr-2015]
Absolutely lovely! i enjoy watching such beautiful creations being made! tfs!
Jewellia7777 [20-Apr-2015]
@cornchips90 thanks^^ you can always just do it bit by bit each day, dont needa do it all in 1 go. but yeah i know what you mean about not finishing projects^^ i've got a lot of unfinished craft projects and i feel bad about not finishing them/ wasting time/money buying the materials lol
Jewellia7777 [20-Apr-2015]
Thanks^_^ and you're really good with sewing! followed you since i saw your tutorial featured on threadbanger ^_^ have any tips on how to get into making clothes? did u learn from videos? books? i wanna improve my sewing and make better stuff. just been making amateur plushies so far lol
Cyndie c [20-Apr-2015]
Lol im in awe!! you are an artist!! i will make this one day lol but im so busy with work and running around doing errands that when i sit down to start a project i never finish it =( wish i could have all the time in the world
Maggie han [19-Apr-2015]
Where do you get a4 paper
Jewellia7777 [19-Apr-2015]
Aww thank you!! glad my instructions were clear for you :-)
Ellen zhang [19-Apr-2015]
Please tell me the measurement for the small version i'm kinda trying to make a big one and small one
Candygirl123321 [18-Apr-2015]
I made this and it's a great gift! thankyou for having all these tutorials up and i'm trying to make every single one. you're the best!
David19957 [18-Apr-2015]
@mattthetank34 i really think it is because i made it with normal paper and its really small even tho it has the same pieces
Jewellia7777 [18-Apr-2015]
@mattthetank34 just normal printer paper from stationery shops. i live in nz so my shops are different
Foofoo nanny [18-Apr-2015]
Can you make a 3d origami book?
Christine armas [17-Apr-2015]
Love all your work! my friend loves domo and i wanted to give her a domo for christmas. unfortunately money was a problem. then, i decided to make an origami domo thanks to you! love all of your work soooo much
Igotnothingto [17-Apr-2015]
Wat can i use to subsitute kebab skewers? i do not hav kebab skewers
Goldfish [17-Apr-2015]
Give this to yr girlfriend and she will be over da moon g
Craftyamy [17-Apr-2015]
Woah! you're good :d
Evil diva [16-Apr-2015]
You are veryyyy creative no doubt.. but the best thing that i liked about your video was that it was very descriptive.. a proper tutorial... you dont let your viewer leave confused at all... i mean when its a complex tutorial like this people are bound to ask questions.. but u handled the teaching part pretty welll.... loved it!!
Thomas knipe [16-Apr-2015]
Hello i really like this :) very clever.i do the baby swans and i am tempted to do this
Hector aŮorve [16-Apr-2015]
Que tipo de papel usastes
Snarkymarz [15-Apr-2015]
What kind of paper? (thick paper i assume) and where do u get it?
Aozoraorigami [15-Apr-2015]
I love this
Craftyamy [15-Apr-2015]
Awww really! thanks for following my videos :d..the only videos i watched when i wanted to sew, was threadbangers, i made their hoodie sweater and bags from t shirts and other projects they have, to learn how to sew..before you say you cant sew something, just try and experiment, thats what i did :) youll have fun :d...aww its a good start tho and their cute :)
David19957 [15-Apr-2015]
Nice vidoe its my birthdayy
Jewellia7777 [14-Apr-2015]
@animelover4038 aw thanks!!^^ handmade gifts are awesome, yay for making one^_^ yup i've made an gir from invader zim, look up 3d origami gir

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3D Origami Swan

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