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1 - How To Make An Origami Boomerang - Rob
How To Make An Origami Boomerang - Rob's World _kp
Autor: Rob's World
Category: Howto & Style
Published: 2010-01-03

How To Make An Origami Boomerang - Rob's World _kp. In this latest addition to my origami series, I will show you how to make a paper boomerang that really flies back!! To check out my throws, go to 1:02 (click here) in the video. I even show how you can throw TWO of them at the SAME TIME!!! :-)

Have you made TWO of these?!! Then do the Super Boomerang NOW!!
http:/ / www.youtube.com/ watch?v=aT2oZI1Vl64

Q: This isn't a real boomerang, it's just a frisbee that you're throwing in such a way that it glides on air and comes back to you/ How does this work exactly?
A: You're right, this is not a WOODEN boomerang that has what is called an "air foil" design similar to an airplane to cause lift and/ or drag, etc. However, this design has 2 Leading Edges (which slice the air) and 2 Pockets (which catch the air), and as it rotates, it uses your throwing force to spin and lift but eventually slows down. Once at a height, it uses gravity to come back and slice the air. For any aeronautical engineers out there that can explain it better, please feel free to e-mail me lol :-) Thanks!

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In this tutorial, I will explain how to turn a regular sheet of printer paper into an origami boomerang... well actually 2 origami boomerangs!! :-) You will need a simple Letter Sized sheet (8.5 x 11 inches) or an A4 size paper. No tape or anything else is required.

I also explain at the end the way we must position the boomerang in order to throw it properly. If it falls to the ground check to see if:
1) It's upside down, refer to 12:40 for the proper way to position it before throwing--it does matter.
2) You may be angling it too far down, which can cause it to not come back all the way--try angling it upwards at an angle.
3) It's made the correct way and looks just like mine. It takes a bit of practice, and make sure to spin it really fast. Check my "Super Boomerang" Video (Link above) for another demonstration of how it's thrown.

This will keep you busy for hours and is fun for all ages. Once you show off your boomerang to friends, they are definitely going to want one! Please refer them to this video if you enjoy! :-)

Hope that everyone had a great break and got to spend time with the family :-) It has been a great year!

Thanks for watching and don't forget to comment, rate, and subscribe to my videos. Thanks!


**Origami Boomerang**
Designed by Anita Barbour
Inspired by Yoshino Unemoto
Modified by Ryan Naccavato, Bennett Arnstein, Jim Cowling, and John Andrisan

Online Instructions:
Part 1 - http:/ / www.giladorigami.com/ swami/ POP/ boomerang1.gif

Part 2 - http:/ / www.giladorigami.com/ swami/ POP/ boomerang2.gif

How to make an Origami How To Make An Origami Boomerang - Rob's World _kp Model was made on 2010-01-03 by Rob's World. In this section you will find a Video Tutorial published on YouTube, about how to fold an origami model or the step by step instructions to make it. I hope you found the instructions clear and I hope you enjoy folding It.



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Rob's world [25-May-2015]
Thanks to everyone for the 50,000 likes on the origami boomerang video, now who will be the 10 millionth viewer? :-) also, anyone interested in learning how to make a left-handed boomerang? let me know! thanks again?
Sunan junda arsyi [24-May-2015]
Wow that was so amazing!!!?
That_guy [24-May-2015]
Can i use lined paper??? plz reply?
Mystery tube [24-May-2015]
How do cut the paper in half without scissors!?!?!?!??!?!?
Brian bickle [24-May-2015]
its not origami if its not made from square paper you retarded idiot?
Josephine walter [23-May-2015]
Dear, rob my didn't turn out like yours why??????????????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Sarai guerrero [23-May-2015]
Fuckin0g pice of trash?
Jairo fontes [23-May-2015]
Best origami i've ever made so cool tnx.?
Alexander atg [22-May-2015]
Don't make it to hard?
Shanelle algama [22-May-2015]
It's more of a frisbee?
John cena [22-May-2015]
You used a square sheet of paper right??
Faith potter [22-May-2015]
I relly like that video l am going to make one soon. ?
Sam miale [21-May-2015]
The paper boomerang does not work at all!!!! ?
Hyatt athenakins [21-May-2015]
Ty i've al ways asked my parents for a boomerang i got one but it didn't work thank you?
Maria h [21-May-2015]
When i make the boomerang, it looks to chubby and does not fly well.?
Crack201 [21-May-2015]
Your awesome dude finally i found a channel that does what i like ?
S r johnson [20-May-2015]
Dude you were awful at explaining this video?
Kale the kat [20-May-2015]
About 4-5 years ago i watched this.....tried to make it,rage quit.now i'm going to try again.?
Eiyz rpsa [20-May-2015]
Nice rob :d...i like the boomerang and i've tried it also...now my brother want me to make one of it...thx :)?
Catherine archer [19-May-2015]
Mines small and stubby... :t it flies funny to :d?
Daniel park [19-May-2015]
This literally made me famous in school?
Madison rodriguez [19-May-2015]
Mine was different kind of paper so it didn't go so well, but it actually worked!!!?
Otabek mavlonov [19-May-2015]
Hi rob, thx for the video it's so cool and it flies awesome?
Brisseyri candelario [18-May-2015]
Rob what is your favorite music,color,tv show? ?

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