What is the I-gami toy?


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What is the I-gami toy?

Question: What is the I-gami toy?

Plastic origami




What is the I-gami toy?

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Asked by Kevin7 on 2011-05-09
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What is the I-gami toy?
Plastic origami
Answer by Vtorreal
I-Gami is a toy in which small plastic pieces can be bent and snapped together to form small to large three dimensional figures. It began production in 2006 by Plastic Play Inc. before being acquired by PlaSmart Inc. i-Gami is a toy product created by Boaz Axelrad, an Israeli Canadian. The toy takes inspiration from Japanese origami. Unlike origami, however, i-Gami is made from small pieces of plastic that can be bent and snapped together to form various figures, either in two- or three-dimensional form. Additionally, pieces can be disassembled and/or reused. Figures can be built either by following an instruction booklet which comes with each set, or by creating custom designs imagined by the creator. i-Gami began production in 2006 by Plastic Play Inc., a company located in Oshawa before being acquired by Ottawa-based PlaSmart (best-known for its success with the PlasmaCar) in 2009.PlaSmart had previously been the exclusive US distributor of the product since 2007. The company now owns all intellectual property rights to and manufacturing assets for the product line. Currently, i-Gami is sold in box sets, ranging from beginner (54 pieces) to advanced (600 pieces). i-Gami Official Website

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What is the I-gami toy?

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