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1 - Make A Paper Turkey
Make A Paper Turkey
Autor: Make:
Category: Howto & Style
Published: 2006-11-25

Make A Paper Turkey. In this video, you'll learn how to build things in a 3d program called blender and then output them into Pepakura which turns them into 3d origami-style models

This How to make an Origami Make A Paper Turkey Model was made on 2006-11-25 by Make:. In this section you will find a Video Tutorial published on YouTube, about how to fold an origami model or the step by step instructions to make it. I hope you found the instructions clear and I hope you enjoy folding It.



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Colin finch mostlythinkihave [20-Dec-2014]
I don't know. how much free time do you have?
Manuvielum [19-Dec-2014]
Retard :d no insult dun be angry :(
Locombianisimo01 [19-Dec-2014]
Hmmm i juat have a question how i can reduce the number of polygons of the turkey
Duhcider [19-Dec-2014]
'paper turkey' describes most of my term papers; they didn't fly and were shot down with ease.
Manomoon [19-Dec-2014]
Oh great
Bobsagetjk [18-Dec-2014]
Dammit i can't find a single fucking video that shows you how to fold the paper
Admin [18-Dec-2014]
Este es un tutorialsito rapidito de pepakura, sin mucho misterio, eso me hacia falta ver, gracias!
Jack.manfield [18-Dec-2014]
Tails11 [17-Dec-2014]
How did he print that from a printer o.o it looks way to big..
Desiredusername [17-Dec-2014]
Why do these take so long to get to youtube?
John gainze [17-Dec-2014]
This video is fucking dumb
Pinkandfluffy93 [17-Dec-2014]
The woman sounds like liv tyler
54spiritedwill54 [16-Dec-2014]
Ur awsome, keep up the work
Hoarp001 [16-Dec-2014]
Stop saying 'go ahead'
Cobaltknight [16-Dec-2014]
I wanna bet that she was like wtf ur ripping it off!@
Nevin williams [16-Dec-2014]
You could do this, or you could always do paper mache! lol this would be more fun thuogh
Frozensundae [15-Dec-2014]
Mmm... looks delicious!
Guru of random [15-Dec-2014]
I wish i had the software to make this.
Sarah escott [15-Dec-2014]
Holy shit! this is stupid... man, i downloaded 2 programs. i couldnt even make a damn cube on that blender thing... and i didnt even bother to install the pepakura designer..
Alex hoskins [14-Dec-2014]
And its a cool job
Ron burgundy [14-Dec-2014]
This is pretty sweet. especially the model thing.
Origamilover98 [14-Dec-2014]
You guys bore me:^0 ( my smiley face is yawning)
Elderlyschool [14-Dec-2014]
The guys at peta should eat that
Marijnator [13-Dec-2014]
Wow shit i've done this in exactly the same way once! i hadn't seen the video. what a coincidence! i made a gnome by the way, not a turkey.

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