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1 - Origami Dragon iNY
Origami Dragon iNY
Autor: AzerathAngelWolf
Category: Howto & Style
Published: 2008-12-14

Origami Dragon iNY. READ THIS FIRST.
I don't care if you can do better, or if you can do faster. I realize it may be too fast for you. I'm just showing me making one.

A small Dragon I did. Dang, the center frame shot didn't work.
Note: This isn't the highly complex one, but a more simple one. It may still take some time.

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How to make an Origami Origami Dragon iNY Model was made on 2008-12-14 by AzerathAngelWolf. In this section you will find a Video Tutorial published on YouTube, about how to fold an origami model or the step by step instructions to make it. I hope you found the instructions clear and I hope you enjoy folding It.



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Daniel ricardo [29-Mar-2015]
Sigh, you cannot be serious..... origami is not a damn race! it was invented to calm the mind and improve your patience. god! its not for ' hey i can fold paper more faster than you' it doesnt matter about the speed its about the quality of the peice. even if youve masterd it you dont speed off. especially when your on a damn video! i came on this to learn how to do a dragon not repetativly stop so i can see what your doing. discrace......... but good.
Azerathangelwolf [28-Mar-2015]
@mrjeansy95 because then i would get a ton of comments like, 'faggot little kid', 'get off teh youtube dumass', 'you sound like a teenage idiot', shit like that. i don't want that. i don't think me talking for 6 minutes would do any good anyways.
Azerathangelwolf [28-Mar-2015]
@mmaeidlilniaw yeah, it's kinda cool. i mean, i did it bad there. i have only done it like a few times before that. just memorize and do careful folds. it's not that big of deal.
Theprincess2684 [28-Mar-2015]
Nice 1.how did you do that? 2.you ' your friend did it just fine. ^.^
Shawtygl101 [28-Mar-2015]
What are you talking about i can make it twice as fast
Josip ?akovac [27-Mar-2015]
This is too fast and what is that at 3:6?
Dropshock [27-Mar-2015]
It was a joke xd
Mmaeidlilniaw [27-Mar-2015]
@azerathangelwolf well thanks for the info. i was wanting that exact dragon since it seemed extremely interesting and well not retarded looking like some of the ones on youtube, and i don't have the resources(good origami paper) to try those amazing dragon origami. the one you made looked really good. one thing i find funny though is how everyone says your amazing but don't realize if they tried they could get that good. it just practice. but thats the difference between good and bad, hard work.
Denoxify [26-Mar-2015]
You guys must be on crack. it's really clear and easy to follow to me if you just pause it at some places so have some patience. good job man.
Icygamer597 [26-Mar-2015]
Lame i know that already btw im better than u i can do that in like 2-4 mins -.-
Azerathangelwolf [26-Mar-2015]
Well, your comment was a waste of space and time for these reasons: -how could i do better? your comment proves nothing. -a possible lie with no backup of truth. ok, so what you can fold it faster? i actually go slow to get perfect folds. i'm also going slow for viewers who can't do this. also, just because your faster at folding a piece of paper, doesn't prove you're better than me in anyway except for making a dragon out of paper. also, learn to use the english language properly.
Mlb1296 [26-Mar-2015]
2 fast but cool :)
Icygamer597 [25-Mar-2015]
Well i only do that if i am doing a school peroject and i do this cuz its faster and if im doing pvp at a game and im typing like that id die and its too long and thy kil me
Azerathangelwolf [25-Mar-2015]
If you insist, you can type like a mindless person for the rest of your life. just to let you know, it makes you look like an idiot who didn't go through school. :)
Xxxmasterwafflexxx [25-Mar-2015]
Very nice. i never thought of doing a dragon like that. most people just change the crane design and don't make legs. but congrats i guess lol. but it could use some improvements. fold the legs to make them thin. un bending the tail (to many bends). change the head. to something else or keep it the same what ever and make it so the wings look right.
Gemmaquarian [25-Mar-2015]
Azerathangelwolf [24-Mar-2015]
@deathvault99 if you don't make it, the dragon's back will be pointed, not round. you don't have to make it, but it makes it look better in my opinion.
Azerathangelwolf [24-Mar-2015]
I just made it how i like it. thanks for the advice though. :)
Hivemindsylum [24-Mar-2015]
Whats the point of the fold at 2:03?
Azerathangelwolf [23-Mar-2015]
@jjoozzaa091 the image was suppose to be a center-of-the-video shot which could be used as the thumbnail. it didn't really work out that well though.
Azerathangelwolf [23-Mar-2015]
I know. :3
Dallin neeley [23-Mar-2015]
Fyi i do fail!
Azerathangelwolf [23-Mar-2015]
@telekinesisimonly12 whoa, take a chill pill, bro. i find the directions pretty clear, to me. if you don't like the 'f***** fast' speed, watch a different tutorial.
Slideshowbroz [22-Mar-2015]
Guys if u want 2 watch this as a walkthrough just pause it at parts thats what im doin and it turned out great

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