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1 - 3D Origami Dinosaur Suit Part 1 GLj
3D Origami Dinosaur Suit Part 1 GLj
Autor: jewellia7777
Category: Howto & Style
Published: 2011-01-13

3D Origami Dinosaur Suit Part 1 GLj. GO TO PART 2:
http:/ / www.youtube.com/ watch?v=szk7iEVlS44

How to make an Origami 3D Origami Dinosaur Suit Part 1 GLj Model was made on 2011-01-13 by jewellia7777. In this section you will find a Video Tutorial published on YouTube, about how to fold an origami model or the step by step instructions to make it. I hope you found the instructions clear and I hope you enjoy folding It.



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Holyhydro [23-May-2015]
Hey i was wondering what did you do for the bigger model of this? hahha xd i would really want to know the layout for it :d
Jewellia7777 [22-May-2015]
@controlingallmedia (comment part 2) so it may be the way its folded or because the papers too slippery. cardstock has way more grip. maybe you can try that. cut the cardstock rectangle in half longways, skip the 1st step (folding up in half) and start from the 2nd step, its shown on my 3d origami for beginners vid part 2. its got way more grip and may help you get used to making 3d origami? just try with a few pieces first b4 you make a whole bunch
Jewellia7777 [22-May-2015]
@lnguye30 aww thanks^^ i already had the dino suit filmed and planned to be next anyway, so it may have seemed like i made what people requested real quick, but most of the other times its taken quite long for me to make tutorials people requested. anyway, glad i could make people happy from my tutorials^^
Larissa c. [22-May-2015]
It soo cute *-*
Monkeyxbby123 [22-May-2015]
How do you make the 'half' size for the spikes?? i dont know how to make the half sizes.. can you do a tutorial on it the video '3d origami for beginners' doesnt show us how..
Whimsicalnightowl110 [21-May-2015]
Happysneezegoldfish [21-May-2015]
You are a genus!!!!
Terbeartwo [21-May-2015]
Pretty little liars [20-May-2015]
No, there are no tricks. at first you have to hold it until it gets bigger. otherwisw it will fall apart.
Monkey98ize [20-May-2015]
I dont like haveing sky blue hair so is it ok if i make the hair yellow?
Kidtacular [20-May-2015]
Omg this is awesome =) by any chance, will you make the big dino thing? theyre so awesome! ivs just finished this tutorial and it looks amazing. awesomeeeee =d
Andy zhang [20-May-2015]
Hey.. do u think u can teach us to make aneze's hello kitty?
Jewellia7777 [19-May-2015]
@controlingallmedia the paper probably doesnt have much grip, you needa find paper with better grip. other than that, i wont really know since i can't see what you're doing. i taught a 9 year old kid and her pieces were loose at first because she folded them badly, but now her pieces are folded better and have more grip, (same paper she used before). and when i first started out, my pieces didnt have as much grip as they do now
Lilmissyqueen22 [19-May-2015]
@ msdobbylover16 you can make it in different culors. i did....
2xlogic [19-May-2015]
When ever i try to make stuff the pieces are usually loose any way to fix this?
Jewellia7777 [19-May-2015]
@smabrianna247 i use printer paper
Kinlex1 [18-May-2015]
@origamirubikscuber ok this is creepy i love origami and rubiks cubes 2!
Origamirubikscuber [18-May-2015]
@origamirubikscuber and it looks cool
Jewellia7777 [18-May-2015]
@hihi10091 yeah i think so, take a pic of it when you finish if you can, i'd like to see a dark green version of it. and yeah, i thought so lol, i just never really heard it before, did u make it up? (the peanut butter stuff)
Jewellia7777 [17-May-2015]
@cutisushi yeah its all printer paper. for cardstock and thicker paper, do you cut the rectangle in half and skip the 1st step (folding up in half)? as shown in the beginner vid part 2. that should make the piece less thick so you can use it with printer paper. what do you mean by it doesnt bond? does it not stay together? maybe put a printer paper piece over where it bonds to keep it together. if not, maybe you'll have to glue it.
Jewellia7777 [17-May-2015]
@phuunggdiary you're welcome! me too^^
Jewellia7777 [17-May-2015]
@paperpanda2345 ur welcome^^
Colby foster [17-May-2015]
@mrcrazyboy225 i want to know too
Lynn nguyen [16-May-2015]
Yay! thanks so much julia!!!! i've been waiting for this tutorial and it's finally here! i'm so happy! nice job by the way!

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