Origami Rabbit


Origami Animal - How to Make the Origami Rabbit 1

1 - Origami Rabbit
Origami Rabbit
Autor: Taras Kul
Category: Howto & Style
Published: 2010-11-01

2 - Origami RabbitOrigami Rabbit. origami bunny
How to make an origami bunny rabbit
how to make a paper rabbit

Origami bunny in different languages

Bulgarian - оригами зайче
Chinese - 折纸兔子
Czech - origami králíček
Danish - origami kanin
Dutch - origami konijntje
Filipino - Origami kuneho
Finnish - Origami pupu
French - Jeannot lapin origami
German - Origami Hase
Greek - origami λαγουδάκι
Hungarian - origami nyuszi
Italian - modelli origami coniglietto
Japanese - 折り紙ウサギ
Persian - اسم حیوان دست اموز اریگامی
Polish - origami królik
Russian - оригами кролика
Spanish - papiroflexia vacaciones de origami

3 - Origami RabbitThis How to make an Origami Origami Rabbit Model was made on 2010-11-01 by Taras Kul. In this section you will find a Video Tutorial published on YouTube, about how to fold an origami model or the step by step instructions to make it. I hope you found the instructions clear and I hope you enjoy folding It.



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Luki251 [30-Jul-2014]
To the moon t_t?
Loluchnatube [29-Jul-2014]
Shishi12341 [29-Jul-2014]
This sucked it didn't even stand up right
David rugg [29-Jul-2014]
@phsycoticchicken47 sorry - you want me to leave the person that is flinging the word 'retard' around like it's a free newspaper alone? you're defending them? why on earth would you?
Sophie burgess [29-Jul-2014]
Cool but mine doesn't stay like together when you fold t at the end ill have to cheat and but glue on it :( lol
Alicezinhah [28-Jul-2014]
No consegui
Alexis sanch [28-Jul-2014]
@purplemonkeysist if u dont think u that is a bunny you have never seen a bunny before
Marisa adelman [28-Jul-2014]
I don't know what all of the fuss is about mine turned out fine, this is one of the best origami videos ever. the rabbit is simple, finally somthing i can do.
Seattlehawkins [27-Jul-2014]
@dwr57785 please join (p.a.e.b.c.) people against easily butt-hurt cunts)
Horkeluffelumps [27-Jul-2014]
@dwr57785 oh leave em' alone it does look like that even if you do it right
Kaceymaye [27-Jul-2014]
Dude maybe if you talked i would get this right retard
Jussy saltiga [27-Jul-2014]
Whoop i made a bunny!
Iluvmusic4ever2102 [26-Jul-2014]
Soso martinez [26-Jul-2014]
Esta mrda no dice nada solo lo ase
Teehee1083 [26-Jul-2014]
Maybe if you talked ...
David rugg [26-Jul-2014]
@seattlehawkins no thanks - i'm on the good side. you go play with the devil and see where it gets you.
Gary mccreary [25-Jul-2014]
Worst viedo every you have your hands in the way so much you dont now how to fold the paper rigt so it looks like a jack up elmo i think you should re do it an for second time wort viedo ever!
Alexis sanch [25-Jul-2014]
@5066gary his hand weren't in the way, not once. i cnt believe u never saw a bunny before
Purplemonkeysist [25-Jul-2014]
It doesnt even look like a rabbit at the end it loks like a freakin defromed baby mouse or something
Matthew rosa [24-Jul-2014]
Awesome looks perfect amazing work :)
Shimon kay [24-Jul-2014]
Greaaat :-)
Gabriel gonzalez [24-Jul-2014]
Thats so cool (=
David rugg [24-Jul-2014]
@kaceymaye just because you couldn't do it, you really shouldn't insult someone's intelligence. if you don't pass a test at school, you don't call the teacher stupid. at least i hope not. maybe you can suggest something without being rude. thank you - the association to promote kindness on youtube (a.p.k.y.)
Son7809 [23-Jul-2014]
Awesome this was the easiest thing ive dun im a origami expert

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