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Origami Animal - How to Make the Origami Dinosaur 6

1 - Spinosaurus hVr
Spinosaurus hVr
Autor: paperdude97
Category: Howto & Style
Published: 2009-11-26

Spinosaurus hVr. Paperdude demonstrates his original Spinosaurus design. Check out the blog at http:/ / paperdude.wordpress.com

How to make an Origami Spinosaurus hVr Model was made on 2009-11-26 by paperdude97. In this section you will find a Video Tutorial published on YouTube, about how to fold an origami model or the step by step instructions to make it. I hope you found the instructions clear and I hope you enjoy folding It.



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Therhinoization5 [19-Apr-2015]
Its realy good!
Paperdude97 [18-Apr-2015]
@mryfm2 , yeah... ur right... however i did try to.
Viju g [18-Apr-2015]
I was able to make it but i had a hard time folding the claws.
Paperdude97 [17-Apr-2015]
Thanks! much more coming... hopefully... soon... hmmm...
Paperdude97 [17-Apr-2015]
Cutecumber99, that is simply thinning the tail out. devinisawesome10, i know.
1jharmainyack [17-Apr-2015]
Paperdude97 [16-Apr-2015]
I'm glad you like this, i plan to make more videos soon
Paperdude97 [16-Apr-2015]
@mryfm2 u u correct, however, that is is nuts complicated!
Nobleclonetrooper [15-Apr-2015]
I enjoyed the end product sometimes it got hard to tell what u were folding because your hands were covering the paper
Pipeline800 [15-Apr-2015]
That is blooodly awesome
The lone wolf [15-Apr-2015]
That is.. terrific man! n also easy n now i can... wait i wanted an origami carnivore museum i think u r the right person i am lookin' for to teach me more carnivores. thanx!
Cutecumber99 [14-Apr-2015]
I get lost on this after 3:56
Orsij [14-Apr-2015]
Wow, this video is really neat. my favorite dinosaur used to be spinosaurus, but now its ankylosaurus. i can not beleive you actually created that yourself, congratulations! it looks really cool.
Bluepapermoon [14-Apr-2015]
@devinisawesome10 no, the cool spinosaurus is by shuki kato it's a lot better than his and john montroll trust me.
Devinisawesome10 [13-Apr-2015]
I can make a better spinosaurus the one by john montroll is much better in the book prehistoric origami it shows how to make all these dinosaurs
Zabdi coronado [13-Apr-2015]
Cool, but try to speak a little louder and not to cover up the paper with your hands, i totally got lost toward the end and had to invent a few steps so mine would look like yours...
Bluepapermoon [12-Apr-2015]
Not to start an argument though but you need to put some effort on the head. first the head of a spinosaurus is long. and it has suposed to have eyes.

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