Make Your Own 3D Paper Hollow Face Illusion (Print)


Origami Animal - How to Make the Origami Cat 11

1 - Make Your Own  3D Paper Hollow Face Illusion (Print)
Make Your Own 3D Paper Hollow Face Illusion (Print)
Autor: jutin1997
Category: Entertainment
Published: 2010-05-09

2 - Make Your Own  3D Paper Hollow Face Illusion (Print)Make Your Own 3D Paper Hollow Face Illusion (Print). Link to Download Illusions: http:/ / www.megaupload.com/ ?d=9VZGHUPN
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Gazing Dragon (Red,Blue,Green)
Anime Girls
Lennon Dog
Rocko Schnauzer
Izoo Dragon
Brain Busters
Dog Trick Academy
Robot Dog
Froggie (Thanks rbey2)
Mez Dragon -

A blank template is also provided for making your own.

3 - Make Your Own  3D Paper Hollow Face Illusion (Print)This How to make an Origami Make Your Own 3D Paper Hollow Face Illusion (Print) Model was made on 2010-05-09 by jutin1997. In this section you will find a Video Tutorial published on YouTube, about how to fold an origami model or the step by step instructions to make it. I hope you found the instructions clear and I hope you enjoy folding It.



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Reupload download files please!?
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Tripping with jesus christ illusion,lol!?
Angelo dimawala [21-Jul-2014]
Works wow?
Davide frisoni [21-Jul-2014]
Please post a link where i could find the illusions that you can print. because megaupload is no longer active. thank you so much you'd be really nice?
Alonso corona [21-Jul-2014]
The link does not work :(?
Shimon henig [20-Jul-2014]
Where i can buy it??
Gabriel salinas [20-Jul-2014]
You forgot the paper storm trooper paper illusion.?
Skittlez18babygurl [20-Jul-2014]
Would make great halloween and birthday decorations!?
??????? ????????? [19-Jul-2014]
Pseudoscopic effect no more. it's amazing!?
Jack warren [19-Jul-2014]
Link does not work?
X inflames x [19-Jul-2014]
Since megaupload doesn't exist anymore... can you reupload the files??
Jason lee [19-Jul-2014]
Andi holm [18-Jul-2014]
Link is dead?
Danielvuurman [18-Jul-2014]
Link no longer works, repost pleasse!!?
Yochilt [18-Jul-2014]
Do you have a working link for your collection??
Fresh tofuman [18-Jul-2014]
Megauplod is ded?
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Just search it i guess!
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Hey, i don't know if you did this on purpose, but you missed the g in 'hallsofmagic' it just lead to some confusion is all, which is probably why people keep voting down your comment.
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I know where the skellington is!!! go to ravensblight
Martin rodriguez [16-Jul-2014]
Megaupload... :(
Idiotarestupid [16-Jul-2014]
@secretqbone hollow carved glass
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Never mind about my comment. apparently it works with one eye closed. :)
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