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1 - Origami Cat - Gato De Origami
Origami Cat - Gato De Origami
Autor: Jo Nakashima
Category: Howto & Style
Published: 2009-11-08

Origami Cat - Gato De Origami. How to make the origami cat designed by Eric Joisel. The legs are a bit different from the original model.

Como fazer o origami de gato de Eric Joisel. As pernas estão um pouco diferentes do modelo original.

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This How to make an Origami Origami Cat - Gato De Origami Model was made on 2009-11-08 by Jo Nakashima. In this section you will find a Video Tutorial published on YouTube, about how to fold an origami model or the step by step instructions to make it. I hope you found the instructions clear and I hope you enjoy folding It.



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Shirley garcia [1-Feb-2015]
Amazing yes amazing is beautiful?
Achechino [1-Feb-2015]
Lo que es raro es que no lo esplique?
Damian weibler [1-Feb-2015]
Very nice, but try using paper with only one coloured side, makes the whole thing much easier?
Francis boyer-madrieres [1-Feb-2015]
To fold this origami that is ok. you explain very well. my problem is to shape the cat : legs and tail. may be that is because i don't use the right paper ( 53g) . must i utilise tan paper. what is your advice ? thank you for your help. kind regards?
Kkocicakk [1-Feb-2015]
Finally! almost an hour, but i have a cat! thanks for the instructions.?
Francis boyer-madrieres [1-Feb-2015]
Very nice origami but hard to fold. congratulation, you are a great origamist ! kind regards?
Cheeky dawg [1-Feb-2015]
Wicked super awesomee)))?
John rojas [1-Feb-2015]
Esa mierda explica maldito cabron ok ahora si quieres explicar o aser algao no lo hagas sino anda metele a tu novia por bel culo ok
Beefarms [1-Feb-2015]
@respectorigami diagrams for a very similar model by anibal voyer can be found here dev(dot)origam(dot)com on page 4
Owakameo [1-Feb-2015]
A cat made out of the fishbase. :d
Simbakeila123 [1-Feb-2015]
?????? ???????? [1-Feb-2015]
Thenks djo laik
Amartya bhattacharya [1-Feb-2015]
Look, jonakishima is a very good origamist but the frankly speaking, the graphics for this video suck. i mean i turned up the quality to 720(hd) but i could barely understand what was going on!!!
Gagik grigoryan [1-Feb-2015]
I finaly made it!!!!!!!!!!!! i got it after a billion tries
Abadooliicerabbit [1-Feb-2015]
Dude i have a request.please make a remake of this video with the photo instruction and the word instruction like you do in the videos nowadays please please this is such a good origami and i seriously want a remake with the photo instruction and subtitles please do it as quick as possible!!!!!!!
David angelo [1-Feb-2015]
Where does can i get the diagrams?
Gordigami [1-Feb-2015]
Very nicely done ! i particularily enjoy the joisel symmetry and balance . thank you for making the effort to share this with us !
Karen t [1-Feb-2015]
Why did the blonde climb the glass wall..........? to see what was on the other side!!!!
111antonie [1-Feb-2015]
Sehr sehr schn ... danke fr das video!
Esther choi [1-Feb-2015]
Is it now cats chases dogs?
Armandobarretto [1-Feb-2015]
R.i.p. eric joisel
Lord sandwich [1-Feb-2015]
You would be even more disapointed in he talked because he speaks portuges
Joshuademoraes [1-Feb-2015]
@izanagi107 fume um baseado......
Patrick krl padilha [1-Feb-2015]
Nice video, but you need to make it slowly and need to do in a way your hands doesn't cover the paper. you should make each step and show to the camera exactly what you did/will do. this way many more people would lern how to do it. it's not that difficult, but you make it look like that by doing a video like this.

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