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Escorpion (Scorpion) Paper Scorpion 8 Photos 724


Origami Scorpion 8 - Photo Gallery - Origami Animals

Escorpion (Scorpion) Paper Scorpion 8 Photos 724

Escorpion (Scorpion) Paper Scorpion 8 Photos 724

Diseñado y doblado por Nicolás gajardo Henríquez como ejemplo de mi técnica de diseño para el Primer congreso latinoaméricano a realizarse en Bogotá (Colombia) Designed and folded by Nicolás Gajardo Henríquez like an example of my desing tecnique for the first latinamerican origami congress in Bogotá Colombia. www.novalecortar.blogspot.com www.origamibogota.com

This photo was taken on 2010-03-10 by Nicolás Gajardo Henríquez.

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Animal Photo Gallery > Scorpion 8 > Escorpion (Scorpion) Paper Scorpion 8 Photos 724

Escorpion (Scorpion) Paper Scorpion 8 Photos 724

José herrera [9-Feb-2016]
Esta tremendo!!! tiene mucha vida ya quisiera doblarlo!!!!!!
Gordeth [9-Feb-2016]
Very cool, very realistic, is it diagonal or book symmetry??
Origamipete [9-Feb-2016]
Great job! very realistic proportions and i love the round shaping!
Kai-l [9-Feb-2016]
Great shaping on the legs and pincers!
Gj0kyz [8-Feb-2016]
Beautiful model, the legs are superb.
Andrea russo paper art [8-Feb-2016]
I don't fold figurative origami...but i like to see thinks like that! felicitaciones
Jon_tucker [8-Feb-2016]
Wow, great volume on the body! looks great!
Rodrigorigami [8-Feb-2016]
Perfecto! as pernas ficaram ótimas!
Sunburst2000 [8-Feb-2016]
Looks really cool. the pose is very natural, too.
Whisperpuffin [8-Feb-2016]
Stupendous! wow!
Wilchua [8-Feb-2016]
Great job!
Oriholic jared [8-Feb-2016]
¡espectacular escorpion amigo! ¡no pellizcate! pienso que es el mejor escorpion.
Santiagomielgo [8-Feb-2016]
¡qué pasada! es uno de los mejores, si no el mejor, escorpión de papel que he visto.
Shuki.kato [7-Feb-2016]
Outstanding! the legs are especially fantastic looking!
Vanessa - here and now [7-Feb-2016]
Wow wow wow amazing work of art! :)
Bernat... [7-Feb-2016]
Congratulations!!! your photo reach explore front page you can download the capture in
Lemuel montejo [7-Feb-2016]
Whew! looks real from the thumbnail!
Foxybagga [7-Feb-2016]
Excellent work here do check out my latest picture on the indian farmers
ρrakaz (digital monk) [7-Feb-2016]
Congrats on making it to front page! you can grab the fp screenshot here: clipyourphotos.com/fp/screenshot/24484 you can keep track of your fp photos in the future
Rui silveira photography [7-Feb-2016]
Fantastic work. didn´t know that this was possible. well done.
Nikonknight [7-Feb-2016]
Lots of work went into that! very real...i had to look twice to understand.
Artland [6-Feb-2016]
Hi, i'm an admin for a group called artland, and we'd love to have this added to the group!
Sam cockman [6-Feb-2016]
Wow, this almost doesn't look real...! oh wait, it isn't... brilliant effort, i can only imagine how long that took...
M.e.m.o.r.i.e.s [6-Feb-2016]
Scary ;)
Buboo saki [6-Feb-2016]
I thought it was real.
Pere olivella [6-Feb-2016]
Impresionante! un diseño muy bueno, con patas varileg, y un imponente y ''aterrador'' plegado. todos los detalles están perfectamente resueltos y bien plegados. me gusta mucho!!
Uvaisjm - al seylani photography [6-Feb-2016]
A realistic model! excellent!
Dr. ilia [6-Feb-2016]
Nicely framed please, post your masterpiece photograph in: _______________http://www.flickr.com/groups/908675@n25
Bong tongol photography 'explore' life! [6-Feb-2016]
unbelievably 'beautiful' '' 'fp explore''' capture! 'brilliant' work! i'd be 'truly' honored to invite 'you' to join our 'wonderful' group! ''you've been explored!''( explore photos only! ) please join us and let your 'remarkable' work be 'explored'!
Airrion [6-Feb-2016]
Yaiks ! it really looks real from the thumbnail.
Efairhurst [5-Feb-2016]
Exceptional! congrats on explore!
[~nic] [5-Feb-2016]
Muchas gracias a todos por sus comentarios!!! thank you very much for your comments!!! to gordeth: thanks for your comment, is a book simmetry, for a scorpion desing the use of paper is more efficient. thanks all again :d
Lolandesevolante [5-Feb-2016]
*vera- busy [5-Feb-2016]
Hi, i'm an admin for a group called ''van gogh award''-post 1,award 2, and we'd love to have this added to the group!
*vera- busy [5-Feb-2016]
Hi, i'm an admin for a group called expressive shots/post 1,comment 1, and we'd love to have this added to the group!
Bong tongol photography 'explore' life! [5-Feb-2016]
Unbelievable 'talent'! 'creativeness' at its best! 'exceptional'! work!
Bong tongol photography 'explore' life! [5-Feb-2016]
congratulations! very deserving 'explore' capture! as viewed in our wonderful 'exciting' group pool! ''you've been explored!''( explore photos only! ) 'thank you' for sharing your 'beautiful' work! nicolas. please 'reward' other group members with your 'comments'!
Wun wacky world [5-Feb-2016]
Yikes !! sure glad that critter is on other side of my monitor !!
Vinothchandar [5-Feb-2016]
Blautau [4-Feb-2016]
Penelope presley [4-Feb-2016]
Very cool!
Gonharry! [4-Feb-2016]
Gran trabajo, salu2
L-man 22 [4-Feb-2016]
Increible modelo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Puszka [4-Feb-2016]
Hi, i'm an admin for a group called agressive photographers, and we'd love to have this added to the group!
Luke johnson. not the millionaire, honest ;) [4-Feb-2016]
Esta tremendo!!!
Watchme1203 [4-Feb-2016]
Beth's origami [4-Feb-2016]
Cw estes [3-Feb-2016]
Congrats on explore.
Littlezilla [3-Feb-2016]
Really, really awesome scorpion!
Akhil oswal [3-Feb-2016]
Incredible!!one of the best origami scorpions!!absolutely perfect!!! great poise and proportions
Tohs origami [3-Feb-2016]
I love the proportion and the pleated body.
Diana eftaiha [3-Feb-2016]
Hi, i'm an admin for a group called the d-photo, and we'd love to have this added to the group! photos in our pool are showcased at the d-photo site | photography, gear and equipment, and post_processing articles, tips, techniques, and inspiration (www.thedphoto.com)
Sin cynic [3-Feb-2016]
Beautiful design!
Eyalr [3-Feb-2016]
Incredible!!! perfectly shaped,it looks very realistic!
7seven design [3-Feb-2016]
I great your work congratulations
Zorrón [3-Feb-2016]
Te pasaste! excelente, super talentoso
•ƪƠƴ➐ [2-Feb-2016]
Habrá diagramas? 8-)
Mei zhou 86 [2-Feb-2016]
Dcuteness [2-Feb-2016]
Hi sir, i am a writer from tripwiremagazine.com. i would like to add this photo to one of our articles to be published. thank you very much kind regards dustin

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Escorpion (Scorpion) Paper Scorpion 8 Photos 724

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