Paper Koi 1 Photos | Koi | 886


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Paper Koi 1 Photos | Koi | 886

Paper Koi 1 Photos | Koi | 886

This koi borrows some of the design of Won Park's dollar koi, but it is folded from a square. I decorated kozo paper with torn tissue paper and merged it all together with MC. This is similar to the chigiri-e type patterns Michael LaFosse uses on his koi, but the difference is that I apply the design to the paper before folding. I had no problems with the tissue paper delaminating; the MC stuck it together very well.

This photo was taken on 2012-03-20 by Gabe Rosiak.

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Animal Photo Gallery > Koi 1 > Paper Koi 1 Photos | Koi | 886

Paper Koi 1 Photos | Koi | 886


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Paper Koi 1 Photos | Koi | 886

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