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Paper Hermit Crab 1 Photos 261


Origami Hermit Crab 1 - Photo Gallery - Origami Animals

 Paper Hermit Crab 1 Photos 261

Paper Hermit Crab 1 Photos 261

hermit crab base Designed by Brian Chan

This photo was taken on 2005-09-15 by Brian Chan in boston, ma, USA.

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Animal Photo Gallery > Hermit Crab 1 > Paper Hermit Crab 1 Photos 261

 Paper Hermit Crab 1 Photos 261

Ericgjerde [28-Nov-2015]
Very interested to see this one take shape! that's a whole lot of pleating there...
Selenevomer [26-Nov-2015]
I particularly like hermit crab and horseshoe crab origami designs. all the legs underneath must be tough to do. very interesting to see the inner workings. so intricate!!
Ericgjerde [25-Nov-2015]
Selenevomer: at the last us origami convention, there was a competition to create the best hermit crab design. some of the entries were absolutely mindblowing. brian designed one as well, and it's quite amazing. here's some links: brian chan's hermit crab someone's ousa 2005 convention photos, featuring several hermit crab designs my apologies if this is all old news to you! if that's the case, then hopefully these links will be useful for someone else :)

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Paper Hermit Crab 1 Photos 261

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