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Koi Pond Paper Fish 33 Photos 624


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Koi Pond Paper Fish 33 Photos 624

Koi Pond Paper Fish 33 Photos 624

Designed and forlded by Sipho Mabona April 2008 each fish is folded from a 15cm square of handmade pater. learn how it's done here: www.flickr.com/photos/sipmab/2453283799/

This photo was taken on 2008-04-28 by SIPHO MABONA in Switzerland.

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Animal Photo Gallery > Fish 33 > Koi Pond Paper Fish 33 Photos 624

Koi Pond Paper Fish 33 Photos 624

Joseph wu origami [6-Feb-2016]
Gorgeous! and the stop motion animation is beautiful, too!
Blue paper [6-Feb-2016]
I agree, it is a very nice design and an excellent video as well!
Arthur e.b. [5-Feb-2016]
Truly beautiful!! they look alive!
Oriholic jared [5-Feb-2016]
That's a lot of koi.
Oruhito [5-Feb-2016]
Very pretty design! a bit of influence from lafosse ;)
Ori-gauthier [5-Feb-2016]
Very good model! how did you make this video?
Mabona origami [4-Feb-2016]
Thank s everyone! jared, that's the good thing about a simple design. oruhito, the shaping was influenced by michael. ori-ghautier, this is how i did it: fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/stop_motion
Tiny acorn dreams [4-Feb-2016]
Ray schamp [4-Feb-2016]
That's a fantastic video! it's under 90 seconds, you should post it here!
Ericgjerde [4-Feb-2016]
I absolutely agree, post it here on flickr :) and that is such a great video sipho - that must have taken a long time! such patience! it's a beautiful model, but the video really does it justice - an elegant folding sequence, no hands in the way, the paper all to itself. did you use foil paper for this to keep it in place? or did you use some other method to keep the paper from unfolding while you took the stop motion photos? congratulations on yet another amazing piece :)
Backwards7 [3-Feb-2016]
These are superb. i'm going to make some for my bedroom ceiling.
Arttulip100561 [3-Feb-2016]
Cliff michaels [3-Feb-2016]
seen in great pix gallery 10+ faves
Kitty-san [3-Feb-2016]
Nice koi┬┤s ! have to give it a try.
Ron,ron,ron [2-Feb-2016]
Hi, i'm an admin for a group called a plethora of fish facsimiles, and we'd love to have this added to the group!
E j simmons [2-Feb-2016]
Your koi are absolutely phenomenal.
Sil18981 [2-Feb-2016]
I admire your work, congratulations!!!!
Caroline plante [2-Feb-2016]
Wow! you are great at this! just love it! :-)
Robotron2008 [1-Feb-2016]
How are you able to design such beautiful things? i was never to succesful but is still fold other peoples works. can you please give me some insight on how to design origami?
Jennifer kraska [1-Feb-2016]
Ohhh! love the whole group.
Cutepetlab.com [1-Feb-2016]
Cutepetlab.com/?p=53 koi!
Dirty sparrow [1-Feb-2016]
I'll take them all
Ce bionda [1-Feb-2016]
Great idea!!!
Ms_jojobean [1-Feb-2016]
Rootcrop54 [1-Feb-2016]
This is so inspiring! you truly have a gift. it is kind of you to include the video, and having a ''visual'' might just inspire me to try one for myself. (i tend to get confused by origami directions in written form.)
Evanesca101 [1-Feb-2016]
This is gorgeous, i love love love koi carp.
54storminwillygj54 [1-Feb-2016]
Truly beautiful!!
Lisadeng2 [1-Feb-2016]
This is great! how did you get the koi fish scale pattern? did you draw the splotches on after, or before you folded?

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Koi Pond Paper Fish 33 Photos 624

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