Illustrator Tutorial - Draw A Vector Lotus Flower Tum


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1 - Illustrator Tutorial - Draw A Vector Lotus Flower Tum
Illustrator Tutorial - Draw A Vector Lotus Flower Tum
Autor: Elias Sarantopoulos
Category: Education
Published: 2011-05-29

Illustrator Tutorial - Draw A Vector Lotus Flower Tum. Create a lotus flower inside Adobe Illustrator

How to make an Origami Illustrator Tutorial - Draw A Vector Lotus Flower Tum Model was made on 2011-05-29 by Elias Sarantopoulos. In this section you will find a Video Tutorial published on YouTube, about how to fold an origami model or the step by step instructions to make it. I hope you found the instructions clear and I hope you enjoy folding It.



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???? ????????? [29-Mar-2015]
You really proficient and i found this toutorial pretty simple to practice ,?
Divya sharma [28-Mar-2015]
Thank u elias! really enjoyed your tut,had fun creating one!?
Girlslikefairies [28-Mar-2015]
Your voice is so comforting, and soothing lol xd?
Jeff fletcher [28-Mar-2015]
Really enjoyed tutorial...picked up some great tips! thank you!?
4dlux [28-Mar-2015]
Oh goodness, thank you so much elias! 12.27 is one of the features that has driven me crazy for years in illustrator. how did l not find this shortcut before. :d?
Hallow mohammad [27-Mar-2015]
Thanks i interested specially in my career engineering drawing it shared many options with autodesk autocad?
Pritam biswas [27-Mar-2015]
Thanx a lot... :)?
?????????? ?????????? [27-Mar-2015]
???? ???? ?????? ????????? ?????
Maitree rimthong [26-Mar-2015]
Thank you , very helpful!. http://us.fotolia.com/id/75948451?
Tasnim jadwat [26-Mar-2015]
Awesome stuff thank u?
Celeste cochran [26-Mar-2015]
I rarely, if ever, bother to sign in so i can comment on anything on the net but had to make an exception for your wonderful tutorial. it was kind of slow going but i learned so much! i think you may have taught a number of techniques in the guise of having fun?
Anand kumar [26-Mar-2015]
It is very helpful thank you sir?
Sasha m [25-Mar-2015]
Absolutely fantastic. this was a great help to me. :) thank you.?
Thomas thiger [25-Mar-2015]
Xlnt thank you!?
Arefin sahed [25-Mar-2015]
Very nice.....flower.?
Supersimo182 [25-Mar-2015]
Very usefull tutorial, thank you.?
Kunjan virani [24-Mar-2015]
Hi, i am inviting you my channel, please subscribe and watch my work?
Kelsey baker [24-Mar-2015]
Great tutorial . sure was helpful .?
Dave elliott [24-Mar-2015]
Thank you, very helpful!?
Janitabonn [23-Mar-2015]
30000 likes!! i learned all kind of things just with this tutorial, thanksĄ?
Kiran k chakravarthy [23-Mar-2015]
Thank you!! that is very clear n helpful.?
Bhushan vyas [23-Mar-2015]
I have question regarding this video i have try to make it as shown in this video bt i have a problem vit the gradian circle layer it does not go bavk side ?
Chris cowley [23-Mar-2015]
Been using illustrator for a while now and it's always refreshing to find out new features. fantastic approach to a turorial, well paced, detailed and informative. thanks!?
Jader maas [22-Mar-2015]
Fantastic!! i've been searching exactly how to draw a lotus flower! marvelous explanation mr. +elias sarantopoulos!! thanks for you videos and your effort in teaching people!!?

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