Illustrator Tutorial - Draw A Vector Lotus Flower


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1 - Illustrator Tutorial - Draw A Vector Lotus Flower
Illustrator Tutorial - Draw A Vector Lotus Flower
Autor: Elias Sarantopoulos
Category: Education
Published: 2011-05-29

Illustrator Tutorial - Draw A Vector Lotus Flower. Create a lotus flower inside Adobe Illustrator

This How to make an Origami Illustrator Tutorial - Draw A Vector Lotus Flower Model was made on 2011-05-29 by Elias Sarantopoulos. In this section you will find a Video Tutorial published on YouTube, about how to fold an origami model or the step by step instructions to make it. I hope you found the instructions clear and I hope you enjoy folding It.



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Plumayray [24-Nov-2014]
Chris cowley [23-Nov-2014]
Been using illustrator for a while now and it's always refreshing to find out new features. fantastic approach to a turorial, well paced, detailed and informative. thanks!?
Celeste cochran [23-Nov-2014]
I rarely, if ever, bother to sign in so i can comment on anything on the net but had to make an exception for your wonderful tutorial. it was kind of slow going but i learned so much! i think you may have taught a number of techniques in the guise of having fun?
Serenity geek [23-Nov-2014]
So amazing!!!!?
Brahim004 [23-Nov-2014]
Distort ' transform tool is fantastic. thank you so much ?
Amol jade [22-Nov-2014]
Really nice ....................?
Funkyzevra [22-Nov-2014]
Polu kalo tutorial!! thanksssssss!?
Happy tang [22-Nov-2014]
Love all the functions and little tricks you've shown here, especially with the average and join tool! you have now made my life so much easier! thank you!?
Laxman mohite [21-Nov-2014]
Thanks ?
Kiran kumar devadiga [21-Nov-2014]
Nice one?
Judiel gonzalez [21-Nov-2014]
Love your efforless way to explain... i'm working with cs5 and i'm stuck in the leaf part, even when i look for the paint live bucked at the object and creat... it doesn't work... any ideas??
Marcelo lovotrico [21-Nov-2014]
Great work , elias here, from argentina , thanks ! ?
Yash borle [20-Nov-2014]
Gud job dude... (y) keep it up. :)?
Nandish chennappa [20-Nov-2014]
Very nice tutorial. thank you very much.?
Lili carrillo [20-Nov-2014]
Hey elias, i'm aware that this is another version of illustrator, so i was wondering where is the live paint bucket in the latest version (adobe illustrator cc14) because i'm stucked at painting the petals. p.s: great tutorial, really helpful. thank you so much.?
Melvin lobo [20-Nov-2014]
Nice but pain in the ass ?
Francis yan [19-Nov-2014]
Really cool and helpful. thumbs up!?
Nothing happy [19-Nov-2014]
Could you give me the link of downloading this program? thank before hand.?
Akash gurung [19-Nov-2014]
Hey elias, i got an issue with ai. the thing is, lets say there's a filled rectange shape - no stroke , i draw a few lines over the rectangle and use pathfinder divide tool. now my problem is that after applying the divide tool at some places there are very thin spaces between the divided shapes. its really messing my design.and can you please tell me why i cant draw lines exactly through edges of oblects for eg. a pentagon.when i zoom and see, its a little off the lline and i cant put it right on place. please help!?
Cee3zr [18-Nov-2014]
How can you erase the lines in the inner??
Sharon virtue [18-Nov-2014]
Thanks for taking time to show how to do this.. in particular that pesky pen tool and changing anchor points.. much appreciated. sharon.?
Gus vournas [18-Nov-2014]
Thanks elias, great tutorial!?
Mat oiko [18-Nov-2014]
Hi great tutorial. i am just learning the illustrator does anyone have any idea why the ellipse tool but also no other shape tools appears on the rectangle tool? i clicked on it( like on the viedeo 0:32 )but no choice tools appear. the same is for every icon i click, i get no choices only the one shown. thank in advance?
Minal manohar [17-Nov-2014]
Thanks a lot!?

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