How To Make A Paper Rocket Ship - Origami


Origami Airplane - How to Make the Origami Rocket 1

1 - How To Make A Paper Rocket Ship - Origami
How To Make A Paper Rocket Ship - Origami
Autor: Rob's World
Category: Howto & Style
Published: 2009-04-29

2 - How To Make A Paper Rocket Ship - OrigamiHow To Make A Paper Rocket Ship - Origami. Explains how to make a paper rocket ship using a regular piece of printer paper. This model was originally designed by Robert J. Lang

We will need a square piece of paper to begin, so if you are using printer paper, you must first modify it as I explain in the video. Scissors are not really required, but if you want to make it extra neat.. use them :-) Origami paper would be ideal to use for making this model and requires no modification for this tutorial.

The style of this video - I like to explain how to do a fold, then do the remaining folds on camera, however I have sped it up. Otherwise, the video would have been over 11 minutes :-)

Thanks for watching, and be sure to comment, rate, and subscribe for notification of my future videos!

Designed by Robert J. Lang

3 - How To Make A Paper Rocket Ship - OrigamiThis How to make an Origami How To Make A Paper Rocket Ship - Origami Model was made on 2009-04-29 by Rob's World. In this section you will find a Video Tutorial published on YouTube, about how to fold an origami model or the step by step instructions to make it. I hope you found the instructions clear and I hope you enjoy folding It.



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Jacky lin [30-Jul-2014]
Guys go check his boomerang totorial i made 20 of them =d?
Eric käärik [29-Jul-2014]
Fucking bitch you do not know how to teach?
Ly cha [29-Jul-2014]
Bitch why do u have to make it so hard?
Alan j [29-Jul-2014]
Bang giang [29-Jul-2014]
Cool i loved it ''keep moving up''?
Beckie norris [28-Jul-2014]
My petal folds won't fold right?
Saood mughal [28-Jul-2014]
Rob how do you make these cool things out of paper!?
Mohammad farhan [28-Jul-2014]
Thanks i like it plz make more and what is ur fb name tell me my name is mohammad anas?
Humble quorishi [27-Jul-2014]
@below and under whoever he isn't a beep u t try keeping up so u r?
Husnrara kamali [27-Jul-2014]
Rob please can u make the spiky ball please?
Preston lee [27-Jul-2014]
Dude did u know if u have the ballon flat it down and put it in the rocket and blow the ballon and the rocket will blow up?
Sudheesh gangishetty [27-Jul-2014]
I think it is very very easy got it? easy!!!?
Taahir butler [26-Jul-2014]
It was to esiy thank for showing us this i am gowing to watch the bloon video?
Elizabeth huff [26-Jul-2014]
I did this and when it came to the part where ur starting the legs i couldn't see what you were folding or where and i completely messed it up. the rocket was supposed to be a gift to a little boy i know to kinda decorate his room with?
Avery pittman [26-Jul-2014]
Omg!!! this is so frustrating!!!!!uuggghhhhhhh!!!!!?
Beng francisco [26-Jul-2014]
It is very easy! though i am good at origami.?????
George maroun [25-Jul-2014]
I'm going to subscribe you because you helped me out but there was another rocket that was easier to do and it only took 2 minutes but by the way thanks ?
Josue aguilar [25-Jul-2014]
You should watch my jack ass wanna be #1 bud ?
Sean gopaulsingh [25-Jul-2014]
So easy ?
Helen prouty [24-Jul-2014]
There is no such thing as a diamond. only a rhombus?
Jas janjua [24-Jul-2014]
How do you do it?
Naser mahmoud [24-Jul-2014]
I made 57 of those?
Yajat bhargav [24-Jul-2014]
Easy rocket.?
Evan lechowicz [23-Jul-2014]
Tanks for uploading, now you must die! jk [just kidding]?

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