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1 - Hugs And Kisses Beaded Earrings Tutorial
Hugs And Kisses Beaded Earrings Tutorial
Autor: beadifulnights
Category: Howto & Style
Published: 2012-10-23

Hugs And Kisses Beaded Earrings Tutorial. Friend me of face book and show me what you make http:/ / www.facebook.com/ aleshia.beadifulnights

You can make these earrings with 8lb. test monofilament fishing line if you don't add the dangles. The dangles don't hang right with monofilament because it is to stiff.
The sizes I used are in (parentheses)

Materials needed:
2 1/ 2 ft. of 6lb. Fireline
2 ear wires
2-7mm or 8mm round beads (PEARL 8MM)
8-4mm or 5mm or 6mm round beads (TURQUOISE ROUNDS 6MM)
6-5mm or 6mm beads (GREEN RONDELLES)
2-6mm beads for dangles, beads of your choice (PEARLS 6MM)
4-6 aught seed beads
11 aught seed beads
size 10 beading needles

This How to make an Origami Hugs And Kisses Beaded Earrings Tutorial Model was made on 2012-10-23 by beadifulnights. In this section you will find a Video Tutorial published on YouTube, about how to fold an origami model or the step by step instructions to make it. I hope you found the instructions clear and I hope you enjoy folding It.



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Crystal zimmermann [22-Dec-2014]
I love the hugs ' kisses videos you did. i am going to hobby lobby tomorrow to buy the supplies to make them. thank you!?
Tina gibbons [21-Dec-2014]
I just wanted to say i love your videos. i just made a pair of these for my daughter to match her outfit for picture day at school. she just loves the design. and i love how easy your videos are to understand and for me to be able to create such amazing things with my beads. i also wanted to say thank you for sharing all that you have so far and can't wait to see more.?
Rita ainley [21-Dec-2014]
Hi i just wanted to tell you i think you are an excellent teacher, i enjoy all your tutorials?
Joan mcginn [21-Dec-2014]
Alesha - i began beading with the guidance of your tutorials about 6 mos. ago. you do a fine job with the videos, thorough teacher and a pleasure to listen to. i have made many lovely and cute pieces. thanks for your effort. joan?
Leeann rogers [21-Dec-2014]
Made a pair with 3 different shades of green as a gift.?
Olalla ramirez [20-Dec-2014]
! muchas gracias por Ústos hermosos aretes, ,,,muy bien explicado !?
Micky newcomb [20-Dec-2014]
I love this tutorial and the turquoise earrings. the earring came together so fast. love it. can't wait to try this. ?
Frenchgirl [20-Dec-2014]
Yes, your are known and appreciated up to the other side of the ocean.... up to france. how to thank you, i don't know, but be sure it is marvellous for me, i learn beading with your videos, you allow me to realize beautiful earrings. these will be sold in profit of an animal rescue association.... will you imagine when you 've done your videos that, one day, you will be helpfull for cats and dogs.... ?? thanks so much.?
Teresa baker [19-Dec-2014]
Love these! they are so fun to make. thank you for sharing.?
Melitta klein-brusius [19-Dec-2014]
Wo sind die preise?
Radha vishwanath [19-Dec-2014]
Exellent! you explained so well! thanks, please send more of your videos.?
Munawar ali [19-Dec-2014]
Thank you for sharing, i made one with purple and my daughter loves it.?
Crystal beads [18-Dec-2014]
This is really beautiful and i would go try it out.... thanks and love you?
Sweettiara3 [18-Dec-2014]
Love this. what color did you use for all of your seed beads. thanks..?
Yazmin luevano [18-Dec-2014]
Hugs and kisses beaded earrings tutorial: http://youtu.be/yiiji-xqep0?
Yazmin luevano [18-Dec-2014]
Hugs and kisses beaded earrings tutorial: http://youtu.be/yiiji-xqep0?
Breny1970r [17-Dec-2014]
Thank you i did it!!! bracelet, ring and earrings. your videos are the best tutorials ever!!! i'm so excited!!! i appreciate what you do!!! hugs!!! god bless you!!! ????
Secret soto [17-Dec-2014]
So so so pretty i am new here?
Busaboo [17-Dec-2014]
Those are so pretty!?
Bridget ray [16-Dec-2014]
So cute!?
Roxyscraps [16-Dec-2014]
Thank you. i love these earrings. i will be making them for sure.?
Fahren bantner [16-Dec-2014]
Messed my entire earring up?
Angela robb [16-Dec-2014]
Can you make sum earrings whith fishing line pleas?
Adriana sobral [15-Dec-2014]
Love it! i will try to make some :) thank you for your tutorial !!?

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