Hugs And Kisses Beaded Earrings Tutorial


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1 - Hugs And Kisses Beaded Earrings Tutorial
Hugs And Kisses Beaded Earrings Tutorial
Autor: beadifulnights
Category: Howto & Style
Published: 2012-10-23

2 - Hugs And Kisses Beaded Earrings TutorialHugs And Kisses Beaded Earrings Tutorial. Friend me of face book and show me what you make http:/ / www.facebook.com/ aleshia.beadifulnights

You can make these earrings with 8lb. test monofilament fishing line if you don't add the dangles. The dangles don't hang right with monofilament because it is to stiff.
The sizes I used are in (parentheses)

Materials needed:
2 1/ 2 ft. of 6lb. Fireline
2 ear wires
2-7mm or 8mm round beads (PEARL 8MM)
8-4mm or 5mm or 6mm round beads (TURQUOISE ROUNDS 6MM)
6-5mm or 6mm beads (GREEN RONDELLES)
2-6mm beads for dangles, beads of your choice (PEARLS 6MM)
4-6 aught seed beads
11 aught seed beads
size 10 beading needles

3 - Hugs And Kisses Beaded Earrings TutorialThis How to make an Origami Hugs And Kisses Beaded Earrings Tutorial Model was made on 2012-10-23 by beadifulnights. In this section you will find a Video Tutorial published on YouTube, about how to fold an origami model or the step by step instructions to make it. I hope you found the instructions clear and I hope you enjoy folding It.



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Munawar ali [22-Jul-2014]
Thank you for sharing, i made one with purple and my daughter loves it.?
Radha vishwanath [21-Jul-2014]
Exellent! you explained so well! thanks, please send more of your videos.?
Amina mahdawi [21-Jul-2014]
Thank you so much ilove your tutorial from morocco?
Doria alberg [21-Jul-2014]
Exquisite! i love these!!?
Fahren bantner [21-Jul-2014]
Messed my entire earring up?
Martha e martinez [20-Jul-2014]
Omg! can i have the link to the video fro the bracelets???
Bridget ray [20-Jul-2014]
So cute!?
Tanha herenow [20-Jul-2014]
Angela robb [19-Jul-2014]
Can you make sum earrings whith fishing line pleas?
Adriana sobral [19-Jul-2014]
Love it! i will try to make some :) thank you for your tutorial !!?
Fahren bantner [19-Jul-2014]
You lost me at the end with the knots...i cannot see where you are tying them at and do not understand... ?
Tracy kennedy [19-Jul-2014]
Did you see sidonia copied you on this video??
Terrie daniel [18-Jul-2014]
Great tutorial...thanks! i've got to make a pair!!!?
Sigrid soto [18-Jul-2014]
So so so pretty i am new here?
Breny1970r [18-Jul-2014]
Thank you i did it!!! bracelet, ring and earrings. your videos are the best tutorials ever!!! i'm so excited!!! i appreciate what you do!!! hugs!!! god bless you!!! ????
Roxyscraps [18-Jul-2014]
Thank you. i love these earrings. i will be making them for sure.?
Sepp993 [17-Jul-2014]
I've just finished it, and it was not so easy how it seemed to be. these are my first beaded earrings, they weren't getting so pretty. they will be a gift so i am a little bit sad but i think it's not that bad. my best friend loves the pearly things like these so i hope she will like them. thank you very much! p.s.: your works are amazing!?
Johnny tatum [17-Jul-2014]
Where did u buy the needles? please respond as soon as u can:)
Beadifulnights [17-Jul-2014]
Thank you! my camera is a sony hd handycam it has a 42x zoom. which shows great detail like seed beads holes. it takes amazing pictures too. i used to use a nikon camera to take pictures of my beaded jewelry, but the pictures weren't very clear. so i use my sony camera for both pictures and video i absolutely love my camera.
Annita perussi [16-Jul-2014]
Muito obrigado por esse video
Valerie sengupta [16-Jul-2014]
I absolutely love these earrings and plan to make up a pair or two for the upcoming holidays! i just love your videos. keep them coming!
Sherry gardner [16-Jul-2014]
Thank you so much for putting this tutorial together. i just made a pair to go with the black and white flat spiral bracelet that i made off of one of your earlier tutorials. when you friend me, i can share the picture with you. i tried to put the link in here and it gave me an error.
Lexbercohy [16-Jul-2014]
What is your link?
Alicia sol [15-Jul-2014]
Another great project aleshia! i absolutely love this , i can't wait to try it! also i was wondering what kind of camera do you use for your videos. they're always perfect :)

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