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1 - A-10 Paper Airplane yS_
A-10 Paper Airplane yS_
Autor: masterpaperaircrafts
Category: Entertainment
Published: 2011-09-01

A-10 Paper Airplane yS_. Buy and download a paper A-10. Have fun assembling and flying an A-10 paper model. www.paperaircrafts.com

How to make an Origami A-10 Paper Airplane yS_ Model was made on 2011-09-01 by masterpaperaircrafts. In this section you will find a Video Tutorial published on YouTube, about how to fold an origami model or the step by step instructions to make it. I hope you found the instructions clear and I hope you enjoy folding It.



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Cataclysmperson [24-May-2015]
How bad is the drag on this model, because i think those huge engines would drag the model?
Fox ace [23-May-2015]
@masterpaperaircrafts hey do you know that guy that help you whit the f 22 and f 35 that dimitar ognjanovski from macedonia
Jan dajoya [23-May-2015]
Cool it glides very well just like his f-117 nighthawk model
Young otaku padawan [23-May-2015]
The guy was talking about the canopy of the f-22. every time i go on base, langley air force base, the f-22's are taking off and landing. the dual 35,000 pound thrust sends a roar through the base. they land so low that you can see into the cockpit, the pilot, and the green backlit hud. the canopy is yellow to stop sunlight from blinding the pilots.i think your airplanes are really cool, but a nice addition would be a c-17. i haven't been on one in ages. thanks for reading, arclight
Masterpaperaircrafts [23-May-2015]
@bowhunter42995 thanks. visit paperaircrafts website for more info.
Masterpaperaircrafts [22-May-2015]
@wesley95501 thanks. next model is the mirage2000
Masterpaperaircrafts [22-May-2015]
@pokematt99 there was a light nose wind and the launch was from the top of a hill. the airplane needed a very light throw to go flying.
Tntgaming [22-May-2015]
Masterpapercrafts is much better. just saying
Justin mason [21-May-2015]
This is nice
Masterpaperaircrafts [21-May-2015]
@wesley95501 no it's not half done yet.
Timothy key [21-May-2015]
The group i operated with, hard to call a airstrike on some armor, and a a-10 pilot mis-identified us as hostiles, we didn't get hurt, but we all earned a clean pair of undies, i still respect the a-10, it is a great anti-tank aircraft, as well as a close support bird.
Niko kakadaw [21-May-2015]
You are talking about the mv - 22 osprey...
Steplanderx [20-May-2015]
Will you make the f 5 tiger mexican air force???
Pokematt99 [20-May-2015]
Finish construction!
Masterpaperaircrafts [20-May-2015]
Thank you for your suggestion and nice words.
Masterpaperaircrafts [20-May-2015]
@scifyjunkie how was that?
Fox ace [19-May-2015]
Dude please start whit the f 22 already how much are you done whit it post it on the next models
Masterpaperaircrafts [19-May-2015]
@helihopter1 he didn't help with the f-22 and f-35
Jan dajoya [19-May-2015]
Its great it is the best product he made ever that glides very very very very very well its too hard but great all poeple say it sucks they will die by my hands and guns
Peter pistolakis [18-May-2015]
Uploaderbnj [18-May-2015]
Its not good as the f-14 it just parachutes no thrust
Sushi brat [18-May-2015]
Does it turn into a helicopter like the real a-10 wart hog?
Surge260 [18-May-2015]
What is your best paper plane?
Pokematt99 [17-May-2015]
Lol i got medded up with the first thingy lol im second..

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Look! It's PAPER - paper model of BF109E-4 [Messerschmitt]

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