Step 2 Making A Stirling Engine: The Displacer A1f


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1 - Step 2 Making A Stirling Engine: The Displacer A1f
Step 2 Making A Stirling Engine: The Displacer A1f
Category: Howto & Style
Published: 2012-01-15

Step 2 Making A Stirling Engine: The Displacer A1f. This the second installment in a step by step process for building a basic Stirling Engine.
Now you can create your own custom Displacer with the Displacer Generator at JEPLANS.COM

Step 2 of making the Phoenix Engine The Displacer.

How to make an Origami Step 2 Making A Stirling Engine: The Displacer A1f Model was made on 2012-01-15 by JEPLANS. In this section you will find a Video Tutorial published on YouTube, about how to fold an origami model or the step by step instructions to make it. I hope you found the instructions clear and I hope you enjoy folding It.



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John panter [28-Mar-2015]
Where's step three, where's step three, where's step three ;-)
Jeplans [28-Mar-2015]
@toerme it is, some things came up this past weekend and i couldn't get to it.
Jeplans [27-Mar-2015]
Oops, i think i remove you other comment about the cylinder. here what i was trying to replay with: i used a bottle cutter to cut a olive jar in step 1. the bottle cutter was less than $20. it takes a bit of practice to get a clean cut. if cutting is not your game, i have been noticing a lot of candle chimneys lately at home decor type places that should work.
Jeplans [27-Mar-2015]
Hello vincent, if this isn?t what you meant post again. the goal of the displacer is to move as much air from one end of the cylinder to the other end. hot to cold or cold to hot depending on the current cycle. so when building your must strike a balance between the size of the displacer and how easily air can move around it. if its diameter is to close to the size of the cylinder it will slow the whole engine down. if it is too small, it might not separate the air as well from hot to cold.
Toerme [26-Mar-2015]
Amazing videos so far, i hope part 3 is on its way :d
Toerme [26-Mar-2015]
@jeckert12 great, they are very easy to follow and inspiring :d
Pucifersam [25-Mar-2015]
I 'm looking forward to the next video as well, great job so far ! thanks for posting.
Vicebi [25-Mar-2015]
Hello again and greetings from mexico: a question please, which must be so tight displacer cylinder? thank you. good day, sincerely your friend vincent
Justin ouellette [24-Mar-2015]
Oh i guess since you seem to be quite knowledgable and experienced i should ask how you make your crankshafts? i've done mine 3 times, everytime it comes out with a bow. i originally started by making all throws from one piece turned, drilled before cutting. then i've filled both holes with rods of the same length and soldered but every time i go to the the offset something happens, i lose my straightness. i've ended up chassing it back and forth and never end up with a straight crank. help?
Andre caong [24-Mar-2015]
Whats that brown thing ur wiping??? pls respond
Jeplans [23-Mar-2015]
I am guessing you mean near the end, where i am using some high-temp silicon gasket maker to attach some foil to the bottom of the displacer. if not post the time index of what you are referring to. the actual brand name is mega copper.
Justin ouellette [23-Mar-2015]
I've been working on my first sterling and have all the hardward made up. my final step is to find the large cylinder. i've looked high and low for something that might work but i've always found the pieces to have a taper. the other option was to buy a piece of plexi from a plastic distributor but they would only sell a 12 foot section and for a price of 100+$ just didn't seem worth it. where do you find your materials?

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