How To Make An Origami Paper Envelope (no Tape Or Glue Needed)


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1 - How To Make An Origami Paper Envelope (no Tape Or Glue Needed)
How To Make An Origami Paper Envelope (no Tape Or Glue Needed)
Autor: Fold Something
Category: Howto & Style
Published: 2010-03-28

How To Make An Origami Paper Envelope (no Tape Or Glue Needed). here's another FUNctional origami fold. See more at http:/ / foldsomething.com - this is a traditional origami fold that lets you make an envelope without glue, tape or staples. It's great for special home-made gift cards to friends and family.

This How to make an Origami How To Make An Origami Paper Envelope (no Tape Or Glue Needed) Model was made on 2010-03-28 by Fold Something. In this section you will find a Video Tutorial published on YouTube, about how to fold an origami model or the step by step instructions to make it. I hope you found the instructions clear and I hope you enjoy folding It.



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Ms. chocolate book [28-Feb-2015]
I made it and it looked quite good, but the thing i wanted to put in it didn't fit! rage!?
Sstanobj [27-Feb-2015]
Awesome! mine's actually even nicer than the one on the video:) size of the envelope made from a single a4 sheet (outer size) - 13,7 x 9,2 cm?
Joyce armstrong [27-Feb-2015]
I want to share a secret about origami but i want to share with a kind heart. most people couldn't do it and that is what i was looking for when reading your post....i've been around a lot of teachers, as my mother was one, and it was told to give origami to the higher leveled students, well, they could not do it to everyone's surprise, then the principal heard of it and said 'you are giving this task to the wrong group of students, give it to the students that have a harder time learning and they will do it with no problem.' he was right! don't be upset that you can't do it and, in return, don't be upset if you can. all of our brains work differently. but that is why so many of you are throwing it to the side. it's too hard for a person who learns on an average or above average way. ?
?ukasz ró?ycki [27-Feb-2015]
I gave it a good crease. it is perfect! thank you.?
Ace squad [27-Feb-2015]
Fack i raged while doing it i aint following dis shet?
Ashley adams [26-Feb-2015]
Thanks this works great!?
Brady jones [26-Feb-2015]
This is so stuped?
Sara hope [26-Feb-2015]
Got me so mad and confused i tore the stupid paper up!!!!!?
Wojtekimbier [25-Feb-2015]
I know this video is old, but you should really find a way to get some high-contrast source of light that would make seeing edges, folds and how you do everything eg. use a desk lamp from the side in a dark room.?
David kalu [25-Feb-2015]
Who in the world knows how to do it ?
Kiddflipgames [25-Feb-2015]
Give it a good creist?
Taty ali [25-Feb-2015]
Takes a while but you get the jist of it!?
Beckham dennis [24-Feb-2015]
Thank you very much!!?
Nadira fant [24-Feb-2015]
Thank you for making such a simple and quick video. other videos go too fast but you explained everything very well making it easy to follow along?
Cadence martinez [24-Feb-2015]
Made confused?
Thesuicidefox [24-Feb-2015]
It came out looking okay. i think i messed up on that weird angle fold. any way to elaborate on which corners to line up? i found it difficult to follow in the video.?
Himynameisjakeable [23-Feb-2015]
Its too fucking long -.-?
Jeremiah cather [23-Feb-2015]
I shared this video earlier with the community. very useful and neat to show to friends, family, or just whoever :)?
Jeremy olsen [23-Feb-2015]
Thank you so much. i looked at nearly every envelope tutorial on the first youtube page and yours was easily the best?
Mischa mahadewsing [22-Feb-2015]
Omg amazing!!! subbed + liked! :d?
Dovis digrys [22-Feb-2015]
Confused in 4:00 :((( i'm failed....?
Carlos de-francisco [22-Feb-2015]
I messed up the envelope thing that goes into the bar but i fixed it up by cutting the end and then it fitted perfectly great tutorial :)?
Preet gupta [22-Feb-2015]
Thanks it really helped me much. but the link in description is written as foldosmething but it is foldsomething on the whole thanks ?
Babuinas5 [21-Feb-2015]
Made something alike. messed up one corner, but still looks quite well. thank you. :)?

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