Flyable Origami SR-71 Blackbird By Ken Hmoob 3DJ


Origami Airplane - How to Make the Origami Office Origami Plane 3

1 - Flyable Origami SR-71 Blackbird By Ken Hmoob 3DJ
Flyable Origami SR-71 Blackbird By Ken Hmoob 3DJ
Autor: Ken00Master
Category: Howto & Style
Published: 2011-01-09

Flyable Origami SR-71 Blackbird By Ken Hmoob 3DJ. This is a (TRUE ORIGAMI) made-to-fly SR-71 Blackbird paper airplane folded from one sheet of 8-1/ 2" x 11" paper (no cut, no tape, no glue). Available for download now at http:/ / store.payloadz.com/ go/ ?id=966189

How to make an Origami Flyable Origami SR-71 Blackbird By Ken Hmoob 3DJ Model was made on 2011-01-09 by Ken00Master. In this section you will find a Video Tutorial published on YouTube, about how to fold an origami model or the step by step instructions to make it. I hope you found the instructions clear and I hope you enjoy folding It.



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Chris far [1-Apr-2015]
Dude, if you really just made a tutorial for this plane, you would have more subscribers than how many you have today! just an advice!:)?
Danny huang [1-Apr-2015]
Make tutorial im good at origami
Ken00master [1-Apr-2015]
@thefatcat5021 maybe because people don't know it existed or they are only interested in simple and funny looking designs :)
Piero scaglioni [1-Apr-2015]
U should amke a tutorial
Fabian alvarez [1-Apr-2015]
At the discription bellow the video...
Mikefire98 [1-Apr-2015]
Y the fuck does it cost money?! its a paper fuckin plane for god's sake!
Kevin mark [1-Apr-2015]
Oh man i hat youtube and dot have a cradek crad
Numanair [1-Apr-2015]
What base did you use?
Drp323 [1-Apr-2015]
Dammit it cost money -.-
Ken00master [1-Apr-2015]
@rgg3 sorry, no directions yet. these type of designs require advance folds and will be around 100 or more steps.
Pokematt99 [1-Apr-2015]
I m advance folder i would sure love to try
Nicholai40 [1-Apr-2015]
Very cool. how long did it take you to make it? why didn't you use black paper?
Jtg8462 [1-Apr-2015]
Somebody watches men in black all night
Surge260 [1-Apr-2015]
Im also really good at making paper planes and knex
Redgator12 [1-Apr-2015]
Hey! ever planning on diagramming or recording this model? i'd love to see it! i've only folded the sr-71 in origami for the connoisseur, and it isn't flyable. i'd love to see this up some day! happy folding!
Rgg3 [1-Apr-2015]
I quite understand. the length of the video might lead someone to expect directions. i just thought it would be helpful to have it noted that there were none.
Mark jeffrey tan [1-Apr-2015]
Is this complex?
Theofficialdubs [1-Apr-2015]
@ken00master can the plan fly
9135110 [1-Apr-2015]
Plz upload the tutorial. i am may not be an advanced folder. but i have the passion to go on as an enthusiast. i have invented 3 origami paper-jet models myself. if you are an fb user plz add me so that i may show you. my fb id is ashraf azim
Nicholai40 [1-Apr-2015]
@ken00master i like it. i used to do origami for fun, and i'm just getting back into it. i poked around youtube and saw your post. how long did it take you? maybe you can use the shiny black paper, it has a gloss finish. but, that might be too hard to fold! :(
Darkforce169 [1-Apr-2015]
After downloading what should i do?
Yellow13ace [1-Apr-2015]
Try this: hey ken, i know it was hard work for you to design and create a paper sr-71 as well as a tutorial for it, but consider this proposal: make this tutorial free, and lower the price on all the other tutorials, you'd increase your profits by making your designs more famous, and since the other videos are cheaper, people might actually buy the video. simple, to the point, done. :)
Piero scaglioni [1-Apr-2015]
@ken00master oh ok thanks
11952alex [1-Apr-2015]
I trid and trid i can not make it

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