Pop Up Notre Dame Cathedral Foldable


Origami Airplane - How to Make the Origami Notre Dame 1

1 - Pop Up Notre Dame Cathedral Foldable
Pop Up Notre Dame Cathedral Foldable
Autor: germanshing
Category: Comedy
Published: 2006-06-28

Pop Up Notre Dame Cathedral Foldable. visit www.yeesjob.com for more detail

This How to make an Origami Pop Up Notre Dame Cathedral Foldable Model was made on 2006-06-28 by germanshing. In this section you will find a Video Tutorial published on YouTube, about how to fold an origami model or the step by step instructions to make it. I hope you found the instructions clear and I hope you enjoy folding It.



Airplane Video Gallery > Notre Dame 1 > Pop Up Notre Dame Cathedral Foldable

Kysentha [27-Feb-2015]
So beautiful. do you have a tutorial?
Thumanator [26-Feb-2015]
Holy shit!!!
Bgu8 [26-Feb-2015]
Where is that template. gimme i love it. its so awesome. what am i, chopped liver?
Netmatrix75 [26-Feb-2015]
Yuki ying [25-Feb-2015]
How can i learn this? any web.. showing how to do this?
Zh1412 [25-Feb-2015]
No way:) whr did u learn it??
Thecooloreo [25-Feb-2015]
*sliceform on a card! ; ) xd
Cuban nerd [24-Feb-2015]
Omg that's sick and in a good way.
7goldencandlesticks [24-Feb-2015]
Very nice, but shouldn't the cathedral fit within the card when folded?
Sunder forge [24-Feb-2015]
That must of takin a long time, great job.
Todamushroom [23-Feb-2015]
That's nice.
Jengem [23-Feb-2015]
Sure, if you wanted it that way. but thats an easy fix- get a biger card.
Lehcim89 [23-Feb-2015]
Marijoem2010 [23-Feb-2015]
Oh my damn.
Martijn4245 [22-Feb-2015]
Did you make it at yourself???
Lesath82 [22-Feb-2015]
Really nice!
Hejacky11 [22-Feb-2015]
Omg thats cool
Mistmre [21-Feb-2015]
Decoralias [21-Feb-2015]
Really nice. i tried a cutout fabric screen and almost ended up with my finger stiffed.
Youngmathias [21-Feb-2015]
Thats awesome!
Rodsartchannel [20-Feb-2015]
I agree, holy shit!

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