How To Make Mustang P-51 2 Of 3


Origami Airplane - How to Make the Origami Mustang 1/how To Make Mustang P 51

1 - How To Make Mustang P-51 2 Of 3
How To Make Mustang P-51 2 Of 3
Autor: torself
Category: Autos & Vehicles
Published: 2008-04-11

2 - How To Make Mustang P-51 2 Of 3How To Make Mustang P-51 2 Of 3. ...

3 - How To Make Mustang P-51 2 Of 3This How to make an Origami How To Make Mustang P-51 2 Of 3 Model was made on 2008-04-11 by torself. In this section you will find a Video Tutorial published on YouTube, about how to fold an origami model or the step by step instructions to make it. I hope you found the instructions clear and I hope you enjoy folding It.



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Torself [24-Apr-2014]
@wowant1 i think i was sinking
Billybob blob [23-Apr-2014]
Torself [23-Apr-2014]
@origami2919 :p i guess u should go with the diagram
Anthony beasley [22-Apr-2014]
I a stuck on the beginig to 3:15 help me plz!!!!!!!!
Torself [22-Apr-2014]
@qazpunk2234 u pull the flap out
Anthony beasley [22-Apr-2014]
Yah i dont get how to do tht
Hmgmetal [21-Apr-2014]
I can't even see your model n fingers most of the time
W2jovel [21-Apr-2014]
H steve
Nedlerrr [20-Apr-2014]
Finly after 9 trys i made it
Kssjp9 [20-Apr-2014]
Maybe if i could see what was happening in 9:28 you yould be the gratest origamist known to man but because you didn't and failed us u aren't (you could always remake it)
Torself [20-Apr-2014]
@origami2919 look up origami mustang and i should be under lee jae gu
Torself [19-Apr-2014]
@wowant1 ya i cant explain um u need to fold in or out on the surface of the paper did u open in all the way u first fold it down so it a big crater thing then fold up the second layer so i guess it becomes a mountain in the crater then fold the third layer down so it makes a second crater :/ :p
Torself [19-Apr-2014]
Hi !!!!!!!!!
Sickcunt1218 [19-Apr-2014]
Ok im pissed off!! i cant do it!!! >:(
Sharper [18-Apr-2014]
From 8.45 to 10.01 i can see anything :(
Omar prieto [18-Apr-2014]
I made the p-51 mustang and it was pretty easy
Zangotking5 [17-Apr-2014]
Did he have glasses???

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