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How To Make A Paper Helicopter That Can Fly. 3AM


Origami Airplane - How to Make the Origami Helicopter 1

1 - How To Make A Paper Helicopter That Can Fly. 3AM
How To Make A Paper Helicopter That Can Fly. 3AM
Autor: ajay3723
Category: Howto & Style
Published: 2011-04-16

How To Make A Paper Helicopter That Can Fly. 3AM. A video of how to make a paper helicopter that can fly.

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How to make an Origami How To Make A Paper Helicopter That Can Fly. 3AM Model was made on 2011-04-16 by ajay3723. In this section you will find a Video Tutorial published on YouTube, about how to fold an origami model or the step by step instructions to make it. I hope you found the instructions clear and I hope you enjoy folding It.



Airplane Video Gallery > Helicopter 1 > How To Make A Paper Helicopter That Can Fly. 3AM

Deepesh rathore [5-May-2015]
You become a scientist nice work?
N. lugo [4-May-2015]
Abdul hamid [4-May-2015]
Cool but not that much?
Thegamingpro kf [4-May-2015]
I watched this is sciesne like 2 year agos?
Ma world [4-May-2015]
Well that is what its called mate!!?
Benjamin shaw [3-May-2015]
Fuck you man you son of a fucker asshole?
Prasanna rajbhandary [3-May-2015]
Eric gonzales [3-May-2015]
That is gliding.?
Zoinatron3 [2-May-2015]
Dat song doooooooooooo. i think i developed mental issues listening to it. but the helicopter yet was cool but it's more like a parachute than a helicopter because of it incapability to fly?
Moaz ashraf [2-May-2015]
Good work but its no use to me anyways its really great =d?
Emty shobx [2-May-2015]
U suc?
Razz zley [2-May-2015]
Why u'll so angry this kid? don't said stupid ok? stupid! haha. never school people like that.. like u man. haha?
Ashan kenath [1-May-2015]
Fuck yew son of bitch.. yew wast my time.. fuck yew and yr mom inside this hell copter?
Tony paul [1-May-2015]
That isn't a helicopter and it doesn't fly ?
Yash raj sharma [1-May-2015]
It's totally waste of paper?
Nathan jake [1-May-2015]
Forget the mean comments, nice job lol?
Obaid malik [1-May-2015]
Da song freaking onnoys me cant u just talk and dat not helicopter idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Imovie dude [1-May-2015]
Simon kolesnikov [1-May-2015]
Suraj deb [1-May-2015]
Fucking mad heli...u mom is fuker?
Imovie dude [1-May-2015]
169 likes and dislikes how should i break the tie??
Sarthak shakya [1-May-2015]
Damian ganga [1-May-2015]
Guys why are you so stupid doing it is a kid your older why are you so so stupid kids donīt no everything?
Karina a. [1-May-2015]
Did not work!?

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