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3D Paper Plane F22 Raptor Jet Fighter - Foldup Pape -5J


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1 - 3D Paper Plane F22 Raptor Jet Fighter - Foldup Pape -5J
3D Paper Plane F22 Raptor Jet Fighter - Foldup Pape -5J
Category: Howto & Style
Published: 2008-11-11

3D Paper Plane F22 Raptor Jet Fighter - Foldup Pape -5J. Currently working on a new 3D paper F22 Raptor design. THis model should look and fly great. If you're interested in getting your hands on the finished model, subscribe now.

How to make an Origami 3D Paper Plane F22 Raptor Jet Fighter - Foldup Pape -5J Model was made on 2008-11-11 by BMSWEB. In this section you will find a Video Tutorial published on YouTube, about how to fold an origami model or the step by step instructions to make it. I hope you found the instructions clear and I hope you enjoy folding It.



Airplane Video Gallery > F 5 6 > 3D Paper Plane F22 Raptor Jet Fighter - Foldup Pape -5J

Bmsweb [27-May-2015]
Yes its only a 3d model at the moment. trying to get the design simple to construct yet maintain a good look for a paper plane. will be up and running soon in paper format. it was modelled in maya, but any 3d application could have been used.
Bmsweb [26-May-2015]
@rox852456 we already provide free pdfs, but we don't see paper
Run1e [26-May-2015]
I really hope so.... i'm dieing to try this sick thing out!!!!!!!!!
Bmsweb [26-May-2015]
How can it be fake. its a 3d computer generated design. once the design was done in 3d then the actual model was build using paper.
Bmsweb [26-May-2015]
Once i get it up and running we will put it on the web. still need to colour it etc
Bmsweb [25-May-2015]
We were busy flying an rc version this weekend, but the documentation should be ready to go in a few days. thanks for subscribing :)
Bmsweb [25-May-2015]
Its not supposed to be real, its supposed to be a fold up paper plane that flies. read the title and the description
Cooltomxxxx [25-May-2015]
Chould you give me the save of that jet? because i might need it for my game because i'm maeking a game
John velasco [24-May-2015]
I cant wait to try this model!!!
Bmsweb [24-May-2015]
It will be about 10min of cutting out paper, about 10min of folding, about 5min of glueing them in place! that's it. i've tried to simplify the design enough so its easy to build but still looks like a real aircraft. we have a taekwondo comp in a weeks time after that we will get this project done.
Dlzy1998 [24-May-2015]
I waited so long, and u still haven't put the f22 raptor, i'm not complaining but i'm just reminding >.> by the way, i subscribed to u..
Bmsweb [24-May-2015]
There is no site. please read the description which will explain
Dlzy1998 [23-May-2015]
When will the template of the f22 raptor be completed ?
Bluetooth1828 [23-May-2015]
Hi can you show me how to make on pls. just give me the site you went to and ill subscribe thanks!
Bmsweb [23-May-2015]
Yes the plan is to make it available. we have a couple of prototypes flying now and they look and fly great.
Bmsweb [23-May-2015]
I don't give away my 3d models, however you could always learn to model one yourself
Cooltomxxxx [22-May-2015]
Dam it, i wont upload it on sites only in my game and i put credit gose to u and im only 15
Run1e [22-May-2015]
What's the basics of making it? many papers and cutting part's out, bending, pasting, mounting... or..... bending the paper and cutting away small parts and maybe some glue?
Run1e [22-May-2015]
Will u upload the finished tool's to make it ;-) ???
Bmsweb [21-May-2015]
I have the next couple of weeks off work, so my son and i will get this up and on the net as soon as possible.
Run1e [21-May-2015]
For free? if so can you send it to me?
Kukelz [21-May-2015]
Looks like some 3d modelling program you made it in?
Bmsweb [21-May-2015]
Towards the end of the video there is a link to the next vide have a look at it.
Jammowns [20-May-2015]
Your grammar proves it.

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