How To Build A Vacuum Degassing Chamber


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1 - How To Build A Vacuum Degassing Chamber
How To Build A Vacuum Degassing Chamber
Autor: Marvin Flop
Category: Howto & Style
Published: 2012-07-20

2 - How To Build A Vacuum Degassing ChamberHow To Build A Vacuum Degassing Chamber. How to build a vaccum degassing chamber for under £40.00GBP.
A further design modification is to use a variable speed vacuum cleaner. I now use "Hetty" and also I have deliberately made one of the pipes NOT perfectly air tight. Hetty sucks the air under a lower pressure whilst not over heating. The pot does not change shape now that I have a slightly lower pressure suck. It is perfect for degassing a silicone mould.

3 - How To Build A Vacuum Degassing ChamberThis How to make an Origami How To Build A Vacuum Degassing Chamber Model was made on 2012-07-20 by Marvin Flop. In this section you will find a Video Tutorial published on YouTube, about how to fold an origami model or the step by step instructions to make it. I hope you found the instructions clear and I hope you enjoy folding It.



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Inspector nefarious [2-Sep-2014]
If i put a small bleed valve so the actual chamber wasn't in complete vacuum, would it still work? i'm barely amateur-level here, i don't want to be messing too much with pos/neg vacuum pressure when i'm just building with polycarb and kitchen pots.?
Ed sihatay [1-Sep-2014]
What cooking ?lol nice home made ?
Crabtastingman [1-Sep-2014]
How strong is the vacuum cleaner? does it draw about 30 inches (1bar) of mercury? and the cfm? i need to know! please tell me, thanks!?
Travis fu [1-Sep-2014]
I was going to make a vacuum cannon, with a shop vac but i was doubting that it could draw a full (or close to full) vacuum. this gave me a lot of confidence and proved me wrong! thanks!?
Michael taruia [1-Sep-2014]
Hi sir, you're the ma......n, the stunning man, a big big big ' huge thank you, to your help, you're amazing, may god bless you always for helping people, once again thank you sir.?
Ben allforgod [1-Sep-2014]
Brilliant video and a very simple, but effective degassing/vacuum chamber, i am very grateful, that you documented your progress and shared it with us, great to hear an english accent explaining it all too!! and its funny to see other peoples comments, talking about 'janners' (i am one) and trago mills (the best place to get rubbish stuff you never knew you needed!!lol!!) and some of the slightly abusive comments make me laugh too, some people just don't know when to get lost and shut their mouths!! all round though, i think kits a great video and a fantastic starting point for us all wanting to make our own vacuum chambers, a few modifications and improvements that people have mentioned, but that is the obvious bit and goes without saying!!?
Discofreestyle [1-Sep-2014]
Cum bum?
Chaitanya vedak [1-Sep-2014]
Better still use a pressure cooker..?
Silent66556 [1-Sep-2014]
Really big vacuum seal bag with a pot inside the bag, then vacuum up the bag??
Obieezx11 [1-Sep-2014]
What is this for your got a fucking can on a vacumcleaner your as dsumb as dog shit mate how dose that pump gas your got no holes min the pot so you turn on a vacuum cleaner and it sux a pot in wow the english are so far behind with brains ?
Twinstaged [1-Sep-2014]
Drill the lid
John kayner [1-Sep-2014]
Beer + vacuum + naked = ??? but on a serious note, will the machine be strong enough to purge the butane out of some bho?
Qwer ty [1-Sep-2014]
I'm not saying it wont work, just saying you need a vacuum pump or else your vacuum will burn up eventually. its not made for pulling a deep vacuum, thats what a vac pump is for.
Cali_grown_714 [1-Sep-2014]
Tweaker alert
Namashivayaful1 [1-Sep-2014]
Where did you buy the rubber sheet?
Marvin flop [1-Sep-2014]
My house, my rules... cheers
Steven clarke [1-Sep-2014]
Do you use this for vacuum purging bho?
Marvin flop [1-Sep-2014]
Should be fine. the only thing i could say is that the vacuum cleaner does suck the air out incredibly quick. great for a shallow mould. i would recommend a slower vacuum cleaner or maybe a variable speed machine.
John sims [1-Sep-2014]
Hi there, i mam building clear resin star trek props.the old pilot era communicator.i have been using a silicone mold and doing a layering effect of the resin to a it to dry as close to bubble free as possible, as well as putting in the fake electronics bits. would something like this unit you've built work at getting all the bubbles out so i can have a crystal clear prop when i remove it from the silicone? any advice would be most appreciated.thanks,...john
Marvin flop [1-Sep-2014]
Markbar14 [1-Sep-2014]
Those pibes is not made to go over 10 bar
Saint mak [1-Sep-2014]
Nice one dude thanks
Thenicktito [1-Sep-2014]
How much hg do you this can do anywere from 20 to 30?
Odysseas hatzopoulos [1-Sep-2014]
Why dont you wear a shirt ?!?!?!?!?!? by the way nice video!!

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How To Do Perfect Vacuum Resin Infusion of a Carbon Fibre (Fiber) Part - Basic Tutorial

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