Paper Lion 9 Photos | lion jump | 778


Origami Lion 9 - Photo Gallery - Origami Airplanes

Paper Lion 9 Photos | lion jump | 778

Paper Lion 9 Photos | lion jump | 778

designed by me and folded by me from two-color square a 15 cm

This photo was taken on 2010-02-05 by Madiyar Amerkeshev in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

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Airplane Photo Gallery > Lion 9 > Paper Lion 9 Photos | lion jump | 778

Paper Lion 9 Photos | lion jump | 778

Fernandobarbieri [30-Oct-2014]
I love it!
Origami3d_cranes [29-Oct-2014]
Wonderful lion!
Joseph wu origami [29-Oct-2014]
Excellent work. simple-looking, but with all the right details in the right places.
Origamipete [29-Oct-2014]
Magnificient! it looks very simple yet it has everything it should! amazing! great job!
Juanfran carrillo [28-Oct-2014]
Very good
Madiyar.amerkeshev [28-Oct-2014]
Thank you very much everyone for your comments!
Textori [27-Oct-2014]
Мадияр,Отлично!!! И большое спасибо!
Analiagtz [27-Oct-2014]
Papiro_marc [27-Oct-2014]
Cboudias [26-Oct-2014]
Excellentissime !! bravo
Pauliusorigami [26-Oct-2014]
Wow. love it!
Akhil oswal [26-Oct-2014]
Simple yet very beautiful :)
Pauliusorigami [25-Oct-2014]
Cp? or a diagram?
Ttsan [25-Oct-2014]
Wow, it's simple but very nice design. i like the 3d structure and the pose of this model.
Sunny&dingo [24-Oct-2014]
What a wonderful lion, love it!
Mv origami [24-Oct-2014]
Wonderful work!
Wizmatt [24-Oct-2014]
Really nice!
Vincent origami [23-Oct-2014]
Perfect fold! very elegant!

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Paper Lion 9 Photos | lion jump | 778

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